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Gifted to Lead: The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church (audio)

, 2008
ISBN: 9780310302414
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Nancy’s honest, godly leadership wisdom makes Gifted to Lead a must-read for women who desire to make the most of their gifts in church leadership—and the single-most important book for helping men understand the unique challenges female leaders face in the church. This book empowers all of us to better lead Christ’s church!—John Burke. No mistake was made in heaven when God gave you the gift of leadership or teaching … Every gift you have—your instincts to lead and your passion to make a difference—came from the hand of a loving Father who crafted you. In this practical and inspiring book, Willow Creek executive vice president and teaching pastor Nancy Beach speaks to women with God-given gifts of leading and teaching. Sharing from her thirty-year journey in a local church, Nancy offers guidance on such issues as: • developing character• earning respect• finding your voice for leadership and teaching• managing work and personal life• forming an intentional support network, and more. She also challenges church leaders to wrestle with the issue of women in leadership, and to be advocates for women as they seek to reach their full ministry potential. My prayer is that you will fully engage in the dangerous and thrilling adventure of using your leadership gift to advance the kingdom of God. The path won’t be easy … but God will never leave you alone. So trust him. And don’t forget to enjoy the ride! Anyone who has worked with her knows that Nancy Beach “wrote the book” on women in church leadership—and now she’s actually put it on paper. Nancy’s wisdom, grace, character and warmth shine through each page and each story, making Gifted to Lead as beautiful and rich as it is important.—Shauna Niequist, Author. Nancy Beach, who is as articulate and transparent on the page as she is on the platform, provides a much-needed guidebook for all leaders—both female and male.—Kelly Thomas Ballard, Founder. Wife, mom, pastor, friend, leader, visionary, creative force … Nancy Beach excels at all of these! With great transparency, humility and clarity she opens the doors of her own life—and hopefully our minds and hearts—with the gift of this important book.—Mike Breaux, Author. With warmth, humor and wisdom, a ministry leader and teaching pastor shares the challenges and joys of her thirty-year journey. Nancy Beach encourages women with God-given leadership and teaching gifts that they are not alone, their gifts are not a mistake, and God has exceedingly important work for them to do. This is a wonderful book! Any woman who has been the first, the only or one of the token few, will resonate with Nancy’s experiences and benefit from her hard-earned wisdom.—Ruth Haley Barton. Regardless of gender, the waters of leadership often get a little choppy. As a woman, sometimes the crashing waves can take your breath away in a unique way. Thank goodness for Nancy Beach! She provides wisdom, guidance and a good dose of humor to help every woman in leadership set course with a steady rudder. She fills our sails with hope, and anchors us in the truth of who God has created us to be—reflections of his image. This is a must-read for every woman in leadership.—Margaret Feinberg, Author. Who better to write about women in leadership than Nancy Beach? Gifted to Lead brims with wisdom and insight based on Nancy’s experience “in the trenches” of church leadership. As someone who has benefited from Nancy’s gifted leadership, I can attest to her godly character and integrity. And this is not a book solely for women; every man needs to read this book as well.—Rory Noland. Drawing on the same grace and vision with which she leads, Nancy Beach writes a powerful book to help women navigate leadership roles in a ministry world. Her depth of experience along with her great relational skills make her a leader worth listening to … and the church will be the richer for it.—Nancy Ortberg, Author.

  • Title: Gifted to Lead: The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church
  • Author: Nancy Beach
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Print Publication Date: 2008
  • Logos Release Date: 2020
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Audio
  • Subject: Religion › Christian Living--Leadership & Mentoring
  • ISBNs: 9780310302414, 0310302412, 025986302412
  • Resource ID: LLS:9780310302414
  • Resource Type: Media
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