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Where Is God in a Coronavirus World? (audio)



We are living through a unique, era-defining period. Many of our old certainties have gone, whatever our view of the world and whatever our beliefs. The coronavirus pandemic and its effects are perplexing and unsettling for all of us. How do we begin to think it through and cope with it?

In this short yet profound audiobook, Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox examines the coronavirus in light of various belief systems and shows how the Christian worldview not only helps us to make sense of it, but also offers us a sure and certain hope to cling to.

Here’s why John Lennox wrote Where Is God in a Coronavirus World:

“This book consists of my reflections on what we are experiencing right now. I started writing it a week ago, and things have changed quickly since then and no doubt will do again...I would invite you, the reader, to view the book like this: we are sitting in a coffee shop (if only we could!) and you have asked me the question on the book cover. I put down my coffee cup and attempt to give you an honest answer. What follows is what I would try to say in order to convey some comfort, support and hope.”

  • Introduction
  • Feeling Vulnerable
  • Cathedrals and Worldviews
  • Can Atheism Help?
  • How Can there Be Coronavirus If There Is a Loving God?
  • Evidence of Love
  • The Difference God Makes
  • Postscript
No voice in the Western world is clearer and wiser than that of John Lennox. For all who want to pause to think, this is the book to read.

—Os Guinness, Author, Fool’s Talk and Unspeakable

A clear, compassionate and critical read for these times. This book will give those who believe renewed confidence in why they believe; and it will help those yet to believe to find the key answers they seek.

—Keith and Kristyn Getty

This is a timely, well written piece that helps us maintain perspective on eternity during these difficult times. John does a phenomenal job tackling some very important questions that many of us and those around us are facing as COVID-19 continues to sweep across the globe. This is a biblical, gospel-centered reminder that God is still on his throne, and he is leading us into a world where all sad things will come untrue.

—J.D. Greear, President, the Southern Baptist Convention; Lead Pastor, Summit Church, Durham, NC

  • Title: Where is God in a Coronavirus World? (Audio)
  • Author: John C. Lennox
  • Publisher: One Audiobooks
  • Print Publication Date: 2020
  • Logos Release Date: 2020
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Audio
  • Subject: Coronavirus › Religious aspects
  • Resource Type: Media
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John Lennox is a mathematician, author, apologist, and philosopher of science. He is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and a Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College. He is the author of numerous books on the relationship between science and religion. He is also well known for his debates on the same subject.


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