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The Handbook of Biblical Chronology: Revised Edition

ISBN: 9781619706415



Have you been skipping over references to time in the Bible because they seem too confusing? Professor Jack Finegan’s Handbook of Biblical Chronology clarifies those ancient systems of time reckoning and the biblical passages that use them.

Part 1, Principles of Chronology in the Ancient World, describes the origins of basic units of time and surveys the calendars used in the Ancient Near East through the Roman era. Part 2, Problems of Chronology in the Bible, discusses major periods of the Old Testament, as well as the lives of Jesus, John the Baptist, and the Apostles Peter and Paul.

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  • Describes the origins of the basic units of time
  • Draws upon relevant information from extrabiblical sources
  • Explains how early Jewish and Christian chronographers interpreted biblical time references

Part 1: Principles of Chronology in the Ancient World

  • Numerals
  • The Reckoning of Time in the Ancient World
  • Early Chroniclers and Chronographers

Part 2: Problems of Chronology in the Bible

  • The Old Testament
  • The New Testament
  • Appendix: Modern Systems of Biblical Chronology
  • Title: The Handbook of Biblical Chronology: Revised Edition
  • Author: Jack Finegan
  • Edition: Revised
  • Publisher: Hendrickson
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Pages: 464
  • Resource Type: Handbook
  • Topic: Biblical Studies

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Jack Finegan was an American biblical scholar, and Professor of New Testament History and Archaeology at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California. While a professor at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, he published Light from the Ancient Past in 1946. He was notable for his views on biblical chronology


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