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Reforming Journalism

ISBN: 9781629956671
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Is powerful, biblically principled journalism a lost art? In this three-part work on foundational concepts, practical techniques, and journalism’s agitated history, Marvin Olasky shows us how to become citizen-reporters and discerning consumers of news.

  • Discusses how reporters should act in countries where Christians are a minority
  • Explores issues of biblical objectivity, directed reporting, biblical sensationalism
  • Provides a brief history of American journalism
  • Part 1: Journalistic Foundations
  • Part 2: Practical Applications
  • Part 3: Progress and Regress
Marvin Olasky makes a compelling case for a journalism that tells the truth by embracing the principle of absolute truth and pursuing a clear-eyed view of human nature. Provocative, deeply researched, and engagingly written, Olasky’s book is both a master class in how-to journalism and a road map to a more accurate media guided by biblical principles. Every journalist should read this. And every Christian journalist should see it as a clarion call to be the moral conscience of a wider culture.

—Wayne Slater, Former senior political writer, The Dallas Morning News; co-author, Bush’s Brain

Marvin Olasky is a man of many talents, like Jonathan Edwards. Edwards was an outstanding pastor, author, philosopher, missionary, and college president. Olasky has already written a groundbreaking history of modern journalism, exploring angles missed by other historians. He’s the editor of World magazine. He rediscovered the historical roots of Christian ministry to the poor in The Tragedy of American Compassion. He’s the historian of the pro-life movement. He also is like Mickey Mantle and other switch hitters in baseball. He can write for popular or academic audiences. In this new book he draws on all these skills and experiences to show a way forward for news coverage with wisdom and understanding to readers. His timing is good. Old media companies are running out of money. New media ventures are struggling. His proposed recovery is needed now more than ever

—Russ Pulliam, Columnist, The Indianapolis Star; director, Pulliam Fellowship; member, WORLD News Group board of directors

With hundreds of examples from the United States and China, Marvin Olasky shows how a new world of twenty-first-century journalism is arising from Christian journalists practicing what he calls biblical objectivity. Included as a bonus is June Cheng’s terrific short survey of Chinese journalism.

—Tony Carnes, Editor and publisher, A Journey through NYC Religions

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Marvin N. Olasky (PhD, American Culture, University of Michigan) is a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, vice president for academic affairs at The King's College in New York, and editor-in-chief of World Magazine. He has been interviewed numerous times by the national media as the developer of the concepts of compassionate conservatism and biblically objective journalism and is the author of twenty books.

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Digital list price: $14.99
Regular price: $11.99
Save $2.00 (16%)