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CH201 Historical Theology: The Patristic Period (Videos)



In Historical Theology: The Patristic Period (CH201) Dr. George Kalantzis provides an in-depth study of the theological developments of the early church during the patristic era. Beginning with the world of early Christianity, you will grasp the major historical events, the philosophical ideas, and the pagan religions that shaped the world into which the New Testament church was born. The course covers topics such as persecution and martyrdom, apologetics, Gnosticism, ecclesiology, Christology, and the Trinity in the context of the Roman Empire. Lastly, you will learn what religious, historical, and political influences gave rise to the ecumenical councils that produced the foundational summaries of the Christian faith.

  • Title: CH201 Historical Theology: The Patristic Period (Videos)
  • Author: George Kalantzis
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  • Print Publication Date: 2018
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George Kalantzis

Dr. George Kalantzis was born and raised by the shadow of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. He is Professor of Theology and Director of The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies at Wheaton College. His research and writing interests focus on the dynamic relationship between the written documents and their interpretation in early Christianity.

He is the author of Caesar and the Lamb: Early Christian Attitudes on War and Military ServiceTheodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on the Gospel of John, and numerous articles and essays on patristic thought. Dr. Kalantzis is also coeditor of Evangelicals and the Early Church: Recovery, Reform, RenewalLife in the Spirit: Spiritual Formation in Theological Perspective; and The Sovereignty of God Debate. He is currently completing a project on wealth and poverty titled Crumbs from the Table: The Eucharist in the Life of the Church.

Dr. Kalantzis holds a BS in Neurophysiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago; an MS in Neurobiology and Neurosciences from Northeastern Illinois University; an MABS (Master of Biblical Studies degree) from Moody Graduate School; a MTS (master’s degree in Theological Studies) in Patristics from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary; and a PhD in Patristics and Classics from Northwestern University.