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Matthew (Story of God Bible Commentary | SGBC)

, 2017
ISBN: 9780310427193
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The vision for this series is to provide for pastors, students, Sunday school teachers, and lay people a clear and compelling exposition of texts of the Bible in the context of the Bible’s Story, and to provide discussion and instantiations of how the Bible’s Story is lived today. The purpose of the Story of God Bible Commentary Series is to explain and illuminate Scripture as God’s Story, with each text examined as embedded in its canonical and historical setting, in order to foster discernment in living the Story faithfully and creatively with and for the Church in the 21st century.

  • Title: Matthew
  • Author: Rodney Reeves
  • Series: The Story of God Bible Commentary
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Print Publication Date: 2017
  • Logos Release Date: 2019
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible. N.T. Matthew › Commentaries
  • ISBNs: 9780310427193, 9780310327141
  • Resource ID: LLS:STRYGDCM61MT
  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
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Rodney Reeves earned his PhD at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has done postdoctoral study at Oxford University. He is dean of The Courts Redford College of Theology and Ministry and professor of biblical studies at Southwest Baptist University, both in Bolivar, Missouri. He served previously as a pastor with churches in Arkansas and Texas.