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Bob Jones University Press Christian Living Collection (7 vols.)



What sort of entertainment should Christians engage in? How do believers properly use liberty? Does the Bible give financial advice? These questions, and more, are addressed in the Bob Jones University Press Christian Living Collection.

This collection guides believers through key biblical principles applicable to modern-day living. Its seven volumes address how Christians should approach finances, entertainment, and campus ministry. The collection also analyzes liberty, God’s providence, discipleship, and living according to the law. Whether you want basic principles, or are searching for an in-depth study on these various topics, the Bob Jones University Press Christian Living Collection (7 vols.) will draw you into God’s word to discover how He wants you to live in obedience to Him.

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Key Features

  • Includes principles for Christian living
  • Addresses contemporary issues

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Individual Titles

Handling Earthly Treasure: Biblical Certainties about Money

  • Author: Alan Patterson
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 152

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The familiar warning “The love of money is the root of all evil” is often repeated as Scripture’s definitive word about finances; but God has much more to say about money—its purpose, its pitfalls, and its proper use. The Bible includes a wealth of principles to guide the believer’s financial choices.

In Handling Earthly Treasure, Alan Patterson presents a biblical view of finances. Patterson shares biblical truth on issues such as giving, owning property, borrowing and lending, financial planning, profiting from a business, and responding to poverty.

In a world consumed with personal gain and faced with significant economic challenges, this book serves as a timeless resource for believers—a Bible-based guide to making wise decisions about money.

Alan Patterson is an administrative director for the Gospel Fellowship Association mission agency in Greenville, South Carolina.

Upright Downtime: Making Wise Choices about Entertainment

  • Author: Brian Hand
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 116

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How should Christians have fun? When God created human beings, He gave them the capacity and desire for pleasure. Human entertainment can glorify the Lord by expressing joy and creativity. But when unrestrained, it often degenerates into self-gratification.

Living in a society that pursues and worship pleasure, believers today often struggle with a right view of entertainment. How much time should entertainment consume? What types of entertainment may a Christian enjoy? Some in the world simply withdraw from all forms of entertainment, while others refuse to admit any need for moral restraint. Ecclesiastes shows that both philosophies have existed at least since Solomon’s day. How should a believer react to these extremes?

Throughout Scripture, God provides principles by which we can weigh the value of entertainment in every form. Upright Downtime distills these truths for practical understanding and application, offering a biblical, balanced response to the pleasure-loving world we live in.

Brian Hand is professor of New Testament at Bob Jones University Seminary.

The Law and the Christian: God’s Light within God’s Limits

  • Author: Ken Casillas
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 80

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Is the Christian under the law? Paul asserts that Christians “are not under the law, but under grace,” but also that “the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.” Given such seemingly contradictory statements, how can Christians answer the question?

Your view of the law colors your overall perspective of the Christian life and shapes your approach to the entire Old Testament. If you focus too much on the law, you will miss the blessings of living under the New Covenant. Yet a failure to appreciate God’s law encourages reckless self-indulgence.

Ken Casillas proposes that the biblical answer is both yes and no. No, the law has no covenantal authority over Christians. But God’s laws are all based on timeless truths about Himself, and Christians must apply those truths if they are to imitate Him. Casillas incorporates the strengths of each viewpoint and summarizes the best of conservative scholarship in an understandable format. But his ultimate goal is to clarify the proper—and improper—roles of God’s law in the Christian’s quest for holiness.

Ken Casillas is professor of Old Testament at Bob Jones University Seminary.

Love, Liberty, and Christian Conscience

  • Author: Randy Jaeggli
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 72

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Bob Jones University Seminary professor Randy Jaeggli investigates the extent and application of Christian liberty in Love, Liberty, and Christian Conscience. Christians often divide over matters of conscience. Charges may fly of legalism from one side and of licentiousness from the other.

Jaeggli shows how to balance liberty and love in matters of conscience. He discusses the meaning and uses of legalism, the roles of conscience, and the true nature of Christian liberty. Christians are free, Jaeggli says, to have their lives transformed by the gospel. Essential for spiritual formation.

Randy Jaeggli is professor of Old Testament at Bob Jones University Seminary.

Not by Chance: Learning to Trust a Sovereign God

  • Author: Layton Talbert
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 336

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Have you ever been tempted to think that a loving, all-wise, and all-powerful God is not the one in control of your circumstances? Dr. Layton Talbert takes you on a journey through the Scriptures to trace the unmistakable outline of God’s shadow on human events. Survey God’s providence in the pages of the Bible, consider examples of His rule over history, and translate the practical reality of His providence into the here and now of your life.

A lasting contribution . . . read this outstanding work prayerfully.

—Mark Minnick, from the Foreword

The most thorough and balanced treatment I’ve seen.

—Paul W. Downey, senior pastor, Temple Baptist Church, Athens, GA

Layton Talbert teaches theology and New Testament exposition at Bob Jones University Seminary.

Taking the Cross of Christ to the Campus

  • Author: William J. Senn III
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 208

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College students. They’re young, smart, strong. They like to search, to analyze, to try new things. They are preparing for their life’s work.

What better setting to reach people for Christ than college or university? Yet the local church often misses out on opportunities for campus ministry.

William J. Senn III traces the history of campus work from Paul’s lessons at the school of Tyrannus to the present day, highlighting college groups and events such as the St. Andrews Seven and the Haystack Revival. He presents the climate and challenges of modern secular campuses and overviews several campus ministry models. After pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each, he offers practical advice to help any church begin a fruitful campus ministry. Rooted in years of personal experience, Senn’s proposed model provides a solid framework and a wealth of useful ideas for Taking the Cross of Christ to the Campus.

William J. Senn III is the senior pastor of Tri-City Baptist Church in Westminster, Colorado, and the president of Cross Impact Ministries.

The Making of a Disciple

  • Author: Kenneth Frederick
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 356

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Peter was a man “subject to like passions as we are.” His life is a study in contrasts—resolutely defending the Lord one moment, vehemently denying him the next. But despite Peter’s inconsistencies, Christ molded him into one of the godliest disciples who ever lived.

In this study of discipleship, Ken Frederick draws relevant truths from the life of Peter to help us understand how to disciple other Christians. Although we will never walk on water, we will all experience the same type of struggles, victories, and “growing pains” in the Christian life. This book offers practical advice on how to disciple fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Kenneth H. Frederick holds his doctorate from Bob Jones University in Christian education. He has served as pastor and short-term missionary as well as chairman of the division of practical studies at BJU. He has also written for BJU Press for nearly 25 years.

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