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John Wycliffe first translated the entire Bible (both Old and New Testaments) into English in 13th-century England. William Tyndale translated the Bible into English in 15th- century England. The King James translators used the Tyndale and Wycliffe translations in the publishing of the King James Bible in 1611, commonly referred to as The Holy Bible.

Alexander Scourby was the first to record the King James Bible on audio in the early 1950s. Since then millions have been sold the World over. Although many have recorded the Bible over the years, no one could ever match Scourby`s unparalleled and majestic reading. The combination of Alexander Scourby reading the King James Bible is an incomparable hearing experience.

    Old Testament

  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Ruth
  • 1 Samuel
  • 2 Samuel
  • 1 Kings
  • 2 Kings
  • 1 Chronicles
  • 2 Chronicles
  • Ezra
  • Nehemiah
  • Esther
  • Job
  • Psalm
  • Proverbs
  • Ecclesiastes
  • Song of Solomon
  • Isaiah
  • Jeremiah
  • Lamentations
  • Ezekiel
  • Daniel
  • Hosea
  • Joel
  • Amos
  • Obadiah
  • Jonah
  • Micah
  • Nahum
  • Habakkuk
  • Zephaniah
  • Haggai
  • Zechariah
  • Malachi

    New Testament

  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • John
  • Acts
  • Romans
  • 1 Corinthians
  • 2 Corinthians
  • Galatians
  • Ephesians
  • Philippians
  • Colossians
  • 1 Thessalonians
  • 2 Thessalonians
  • 1 Timothy
  • 2 Timothy
  • Titus
  • Philemon
  • Hebrews
  • James
  • 1 Peter
  • 2 Peter
  • 1 John
  • 2 John
  • 3 John
  • Jude
  • Revelation
  • Title: Alexander Scourby Voice-Only Narration of the King James Bible
  • Author: Scourby Bible Media
  • Publisher: Scourby Bible Media
  • Print Publication Date: 2019
  • Logos Release Date: 2019
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible › English
  • Resource Type: Media
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2020-12-03T17:10:13Z

Alexander Scourby was the first to record the King James Bible in the 1950s. Although hundreds have recorded the Bible since that time, no one could ever match the unparalleled and majestic Scourby reading. Listening to him read the King James Bible is an incomparable hearing experience. In fact, The Chicago Tribune wrote, "Alexander Scourby has the Greatest Voice Ever Recorded, and is the World’s best Audio Book narrator bar none."


9 ratings

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  1. Marc Montrone

    Marc Montrone


  2. KJB1611



    Scourby deserves five stars, but whatever Logos digitized has skips in the original CDs or tapes or whatever in the New Testament Gospels. Logos should redo the parts that have skips and jerks. I did not notice this in the Old Testament. I have not listened to the NT epistles yet.

  3. He Shall Add Glory
    Alexander Scourby's reading of the KJV deserves 5 stars. Logos' execution deserves two stars...

  4. Steven MacDonald
    The quality of the audio is good and truly a blessing to have! I would like to see this integrated with Scripture text and have all the same features as the ESV version.

  5. Randy Kling

    Randy Kling


  6. Marie Green

    Marie Green





    FIVE STARS!!! Get this product!! You won't regret it!! I almost didn't purchase it because of the reviews. I am glad I got it. First of all, I give five stars in an effort to offset the poor rating due to some of the complaints listed in the other reviews. I have no problem finding the passage I am looking to read. I use a Surface Pro and that works fine. I notice that with my phone (android) however, it is not the same. This could be what the complaint is. Perhaps I should give four stars for this inconvenience. Still, this product does NOT deserve three stars! Scourby reads the Bible correctly, unlike others who read without regard and lack feeling. With Scourby you undoubtedly have the best reader. It is not without reason that he is called "The Voice of the Bible." Next, there is no problem whatsoever, if you simply use this to do your daily Bible reading (which is exactly why most people would use it.) The issue of not being able to find chapters on an android device disappears when you read chapter by chapter through the Bible. Finally, I agree that Logos can and should make some necessary improvements (as mentioned in the other review). The most influential Bible in English history should not be given second place to any other. The same features as the ESV should certainly be available for the King James. With all due respect to Logos, (and I really do like Logos!), this is a shame. I would like to encourage them to give this product the same functionality as the ESV.

  8. Wilson Hines

    Wilson Hines


    I grew up listening to his recordings on the Bible Broadcasting Network. There are certain passages I still hear in his voice. Like some people think of Moses and see Charlton Heston, I think of some Scriptures and hear Scourby.

  9. Peter O'Handley
  10. Dr. John Wheeler
    What’s right: The audio is good, and the play speed is adjustable. What’s wrong: 1. All the audio tracts are not in book groups (collapsible and easy to navigate) but rather a massive list of all the chapters in the Bible. 2. Because the most rudimentary Bible organization of books and chapters is lacking, there is no hope of using this for any reading plan. This lack of organization takes away advantage it should have in Logos.