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Although fallible, we must do all we can to be true to the biblical witness. Such is the task of theology. In this book of theology, the writers contribute to sound doctrine in three ways. They give answers to questions people ask. They provide an understanding of faith that will sustain us. They draw nearer to the truth embodied in Christ.

Join the editors in the quest for healthy teaching with the Logos Bible Software edition of Theology Matters. All Scripture passages are linked to your favorite Bible translation in your library. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of "salvation" or "evangelism."

  • Includes a bibliography of written works of Dr. Harold Hazelip
  • Contains materials that work well in a small-group setting
  • Elucidated theology written in a straightforward and engaging manner
  • Ron Highfield
  • Barry Blackburn
  • Mike Cope
  • Stacy Patty
  • John Mark Hicks
  • Gary Holloway
  • Randy Becton
  • Waymon Hinson
  • Mark Black
  • Mike Moss
  • David Young
  • Allen Black
  • Paul Pollard
  • Ross Cochran
  • Tom Eddins
  • Tom Alexander
  • Dan Dozier
  • Ken Neller
  • Randy Harris
  • Everett Huffard
  • Carson Reed
  • Jim Baird
  • Mike Matheny
  • Harold Shank
  • Rubel Shelly
  • David Jackson
  • Cecil May
  • James Walters
  • Don Meredith
  • Title: Theology Matters
  • Editors: Gary Holloway, Randall Harris, Mark Black
  • Publisher: College Press
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Pages: 364

Denver Sizemore has served as Professor of New Testament for forty-three years at Atlanta Christian College, he retired in 1992. Since then, he and his wife have spent much of their time teaching mission colleges around the world. He is a well-known preacher and teacher throughout the churches of the southeast United States. His video series, produced by Good News International of Joplin, Missouri has multiplied his effectiveness as a Bible teacher.


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    Digital list price: $18.99
    Save $4.00 (21%)