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Transfer of Trust: Offering Hope to People Suffering with Anxiety or Depression

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In Transfer of Trust, Jeff Rosenau shares seven life-changing lessons God taught him during his four-year struggle with anxiety and depression. Through Scripture and personal stories, he explains how God used his emotional illness to help him experience the love of Christ in ways that enabled him to transfer trust in himself to trust in the true and living God. For the past twenty-six years, Jeff has enjoyed a complete and full recovery, thanks to the grace and power of God to heal and transform lives.

Transfer of Trust gives you personal experiences of the author and practical helps on your journey towards Christlikeness. Plus, with the Logos Bible Software edition, you have an abundance of resources that offer applicable and insightful material for your study. You can easily search the subject of anxiety and access an assortment of useful resources and perspectives from a variety of pastors and theologians.

  • Insights from the author's personal life experiences
  • Addresses practical issues Christians face
I was deeply moved. Seldom are truth and grace better entwined in a real life story. Rosenau's practical encouragement and insights form a wonderful resource for pastors and counselors who find themselves needing help as they stand in the gap of broken lives.

—Rev. Brad Strait, Senior Pastor, South Fellowship Church

Jeff's story of learning to trust God rather than himself in the midst of suffering is a wonderful example of what can happen when we hold onto Jesus Christ—even when we are tempted to let go. It is an important message whether we are depressed or not.

—Dr. David Osborn, Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, Denver Seminary

Transfer of Trust is really, really good! I love how Jeff weaves his story with biblical principles. It is a book of hope, vulnerability, and reliance on God.

—Kris Hungerford, Executive Director of Grace Counseling Center

  • Title: Transfer of Trust: Offering Hope to People Suffering with Anxiety or Depression
  • Author: Jeff Rosenau
  • Publisher: Accountability Ministries
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 114

Jeff Rosenau is the founder and president of Accountability Ministries. He currently also teaches biblical principles at various churches and para-church organizations.


Digital list price: $9.99
Save $2.00 (20%)