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Die Bibel nach Martin Luther (Luther 1984)

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The most important and influential of translations of the Bible into German is the Luther Bible. The influence that Martin Luther's translation had on the development of the German language is often compared to the influence the King James Version had on English. The Luther Bible is currently used in this revised version from 1984, which was adapted to the new German orthography in 1999. Despite the revisions, the language is still somewhat archaic and difficult for non-native speakers who want to learn the German language using a German translation of the Bible. This classic German translation of the Bible includes the apocrypha. 

The Luther bible 1984 is the first German bible for which we have created a "reverse interlinear" feature! A Reverse Interlinear Bible directly ties the text of the translation into the original text. Never has a German version been closer to the original! Don't miss this exciting feature – grab the German Luther 1984 Reverse Interlinear Feature set along with your Luther bible now!

  • Title: Die Bibel nach Martin Luther
  • Publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft
  • Publication Date: 1984
  • Author: Martin Luther