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Carpe Diem Redeemed: Seizing the Day, Discerning the Times

Format: Digital
, 2019


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You only live once—if then. Life is short, and it can be as easily wasted as lived to the full. In the midst of our harried modern world, how do we make the most of life and the time we have?

In these fast and superficial times, Os Guinness calls us to consequential living. In strong contrast to both Eastern and secularist views of time, he reorients our very notion of history, not as cyclical nor as meaningless, but as linear and purposeful. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, time and history are meaningful, and human beings have agency to live with freedom and consequence in partnership with God. Thus we can seek to serve God’s purpose for our generation, read the times, and discern our call for this moment in history.

Our time on earth has significance. Live rightly, discern the times, and redeem the day.

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Key Features

  • Contrasts the Judeo-Christian worldview with Eastern and secularist views
  • Proposes a linear and purposeful view of history
  • Addresses common life questions of meaning and motivation


  • Singular, Significant, and Special
  • Survival of the Fastest
  • The Hidden Tyranny of Time
  • Our Utmost for His Highest
  • The Way to Seize the Day
  • Prophetic Untimeliness
  • The End Is Not the End
  • The Day to End All Days

Praise for the Print Edition

As a man in midlife, I am often reminded that like a piece of fruit or a loaf of bread, I, too, have an expiration date. With this awareness comes searching questions such as, ‘What’s it all for? Is there meaning to anything that I do, since it will one day all be forgotten? What does it mean to live well in light of such realities?’ In characteristic fashion, Os Guinness not only explores these searching questions but offers satisfying, proven answers to them. If you are asking similar questions—or even if you’re not—I can’t recommend this book to you highly enough.

—Scott Sauls, author of Befriend

Most of us feel instinctively that we should seize the day but is the day worth seizing and should it be grabbed so unreservedly? Os Guinness is a wise and thorough guide to the deep issues surrounding this ancient maxim and helps us gain a clearer perspective on what it means to live life to the fullest.

—Steve Turner, music journalist and poet

Product Details

About Os Guinness

Os Guinness is a philosopher, social critic, and the author of many books, including Time for Truth, The Call, and Long Journey Home. He was born in China, educated in England, and has worked in the Washington, DC area for more than 25 years. He has been a freelance reporter for the BBC, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a guest scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies. In 1991, Dr. Guinness founded the Trinity Forum, which hosts discussions with senior leaders in business and politics. He speaks widely at universities and business and political conferences around the world.


Save $7.00 (35%)

Fully funded - in production