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Final Perseverance: What is it?


Can a believer ever be lost? Do those who rescind their belief in Christ compromise their eternal salvation? In Final Perseverance: What Is It?, Mackintosh examines the words of Christ and the text of Scripture to articulate a doctrine of the perseverance of the saints. In the same way that works cannot save sinners, neither can works compromise salvation. Any other view, says Mackintosh, undermines the magnitude of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Final Perseverance: What Is It? avoids theological abstraction. Mackintosh speaks from experience—the best vantage point for understanding the grace he professes.

Praise for the Print Edition

Man’s complete ruin in sin, and God’s perfect remedy in Christ, are fully, clearly, and often strikingly presented [in Mackintosh’s writings].

—Andrew Miller, a leader of the Plymouth Brethren movement

Product Details

  • Title: Final Perseverance: What is it?
  • Author: C. H. Mackintosh
  • Series: C. H. Mackintosh Collection
  • Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers Publications
  • Pages: 24

About Charles Henry Mackintosh

Charles Henry Mackintosh (1820–1896) was notable for his work in philanthropic work during the Irish Potatoe Famine which affected much of Ireland, Scotland, and England at the time. He converted to Christianity through correspondence with his sister and through reading John Darby's Operations of the Spirit.