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The Kerygmatic Spirit: Apostolic Preaching in the 21st Century

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This collection of fifteen sermons by one of the leading pentecostal theologians today provides insight into the form, style, and content of preaching in the pentecostal tradition while also being suggestive of normative homiletical theory and practice. The Kergymatic Spirit argues that Spirit-empowered preaching is apostolic not only with regard to being rooted in the scriptural traditions but also with regard to connecting the that of the early Christian message with the this of contemporary experience and discipleship. Hence, rather than only reflecting pentecostal preaching of the sort that happens in the pulpits of churches connected to the modern movement by that name, these sermons are presented as the participating in the form of gospel proclamation inspired and empowered by the divine Spirit poured out on all flesh on the Day of Pentecost by the risen Christ from the right hand of the Father. Whether read or heard (there are links to video and audio archives throughout), these homilies are illustrative of exegetical and expositional practice that connects the biblical text with Spirit-filled faithfulness in the twenty-first-century ecumenical church and world at large.

Key Features

  • Coherently brings together the preaching of the Word with the coming of the Spirit
  • Argues for a gospel-driven Spirit-filling
  • Emphasizes the importance of the global church


  • Hitchhiking Hellenist 2 ~ Acts 7:58—8:1
  • Through You, All the Peoples of the Earth Will Be Blessed! ~ Acts 3
  • The Lukan Commission: The Spirit, Immigration, and the Deconstruction of Empire ~ Acts 1:6–8
  • In the Days of Caesar: Pentecost and the Redemption of Empire ~ Luke 1:5–7; 2:1–7; 3:1–6
  • Saved from Shame and Stigma: Shortness of Stature and the Gospel in a Disabled World ~ Luke 19:1–10
  • From Holy Ghost to Holy Spirit: Living the Spirit-Filled Life ~ Acts 5:26–32
  • Who Are the Christians? The Nature of the Church ~ Acts 11:19–26
  • Praying with the Apostles: Then and Tomorrow ~ Acts 4:23–31
  • God’s Servant among the Nations ~ Matthew 12:15–21
  • Radical Ruach: The Wind and Breath of Ordinary Liberation ~ Exodus 15:8–10; 31:3; 35:31
  • Mission in Translation ~ Acts 2
  • The Life in the Spirit and the Life of the Mind ~ Luke 10:25–29
  • Following Jesus in the Power of the Spirit ~ Luke 4:14–21
  • Life after a Knockout: The Holy Spirit on the Rocky Road ~ Acts 7:54—8:1
  • The Powers at Home and Within, and the Powerful Reign of the Holy Spirit ~ Mark 3:19b–3

Praise for the Print Edition

Many of today’s best preachers know how to be timeless and timely. In The Kerygmatic Spirit, Amos Yong strikes that balance. His sermons bring together profound truths and accessible language, faithfulness to the text and to the modern context, appeals to the mind with appeals to the heart and the will. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Yong’s example reminds us that our preaching is better when we theologize, and our theology is better when we preach.

—Jared E. Alcántara, Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary, Waco, Texas

This collection of sermons by a leading, Asian-American, Pentecostal theologian, Amos Yong, will set your hearts and minds on fire with the Holy Spirit. The homiletical focus of these sermons not only centers on the holistic work of the Spirit in the church and world, but they are fueled by the Spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read these and your spiritual burning will be matched by intellectual learning from one of the major theological thinkers in our time.

—Luke A. Powery, Dean, Duke University Chapel

Product Details

  • Title: The Kerygmatic Spirit: Apostolic Preaching in the 21st Century
  • Author: Yong, Amos
  • Edition: 2nd or Revised and expanded
  • Series: Series Title (Series Abbreviation)
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Pages: 258
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Topic: Theology

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About Amos Yong

Amos Yong is Professor of Theology and Mission and the Director of the Center for Missiological Research at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. He is the author and editor of more than forty books, including Hospitality and the Other: Pentecost, Christian Practices, and the Neighbor (2008). This book is a companion to his The Dialogical Spirit: Christian Reason and Theological Method in the Third Millennium (Cascade, 2014).

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Save $10.00 (50%)

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