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The Battle of Armageddon


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From the Preface: Some pulpits, the air waves, and also the press are responsible for much unrest in the Christian world of today. Great stress is being laid on suppositional prophecies, and literalizing pictures of supposed future events that will never come to pass. To those who do not know the Scripture, this is serving to bring a dreadful fear, and disturbance of soul and mind, which is robbing many Christians of their rightful inheritance of present victory, comfort, and peace.

There is such a vast amount of the false, and so little of the true going out, it is high time the real truth is being sounded to the entire world.

The objective of this book is to enlighten, comfort, settle, and stabilize all who read it.—Lawrence J. Chesnut

  • The Meaning of Armageddon
  • The Battle Field
  • It is Spiritual
  • Battle Periods of the Church
  • God's Army
  • The Great Sacrifice, or Slaughter
  • Reasons Why God Must Make the Sacrifice
  • What is Gog and Magog?
  • The Gathering of Gog and Magog
  • The Final Conflict
  • Title: The Battle of Armageddon
  • Author: Lawrence J. Chesnut
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Publication Date: 1949

Lawrence J. Chesnut also authored Can a Christian Fall from Grace?, The Battle of Armageddon, and Divine Physical Healing for You.


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    Print list price: $7.95
    Save $0.96 (12%)