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Moses: The Emancipator of Israel

ISBN: 9781889773124
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Moses, the great emancipator of Israel, is one of the most prominent characters in the Old Testament. And although, like Elijah, he "was a man subject to like passions as we are" (James 5:17), his story encourages us that we, too, can by faith accomplish great things for God. Butler examines Moses in the following chapters:

  • Slavery in Egypt
  • Son of Destiny
  • Separation from Pharaoh
  • Shrub on Fire
  • Summoned to Service
  • Shrinking from Service
  • Submitting to Service
  • Stirring up Pharaoh
  • Support from God
  • Snakes and Rods
  • Smiting of Egypt
  • Slaying the Firstborn
  • Starting to Canaan
  • Sea of Deliverance
  • Song of Victory
  • Sweetening the Bitter Water
  • Sending the Manna
  • Shortage of Water
  • Strife with Amalek
  • Sojourn of Jethro
  • Statutes for Israel
  • Sanctuary of God
  • Sin of Idolatry
  • Speaking with God
  • Second Sinai Session
  • Series of Complaints
  • Shutting out Miriam
  • Spying of Canaan
  • Sedition of Korah
  • Striking the Rock
  • Serpent of Brass
  • Settlement of Gilead
  • Sepulcher in Moab

Product Details

  • Title: Moses: The Emancipator of Israel
  • Author: John G. Butler
  • Series: Bible Biography Series
  • Publisher: LBC Publications
  • Publication Date: 1996
  • Pages: 810

About John G. Butler

John G. Butler, originally from Iowa, has been a Baptist minister for over fifty years and a pastor for over thirty-five years with pastorates in Clinton, Iowa; Williamsburg, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and Chicago, Illinois. Having attended Tennessee Temple University and graduated from Cedarville University, he also authored the 27-volume Bible Biography Series, a 10-volume Study of the Savior series about Jesus Christ, and the 4-volume Butler's Daily Bible Reading set, a unique daily devotional focusing on expository Bible study. He is also a veteran of the United States Navy.

  • Title: Moses: The Emancipator of Israel
  • Author: John G. Butler
  • Series: Bible Biography Series
  • Volume: Number Twelve
  • Publisher: LBC Publications
  • Print Publication Date: 1996
  • Logos Release Date: 2011
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Moses (Biblical leader); Bible. O.T. › Biography
  • ISBN: 9781889773124
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  • Resource Type: Monograph
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John Butler has been in the Baptist ministry for over fifty years. He attended both Tennessee Temple University and Cedarville University. Originally from Iowa, Butler served as a pastor for over 35 years with congregations in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. He is a veteran of the United States Army.

Butler authored several series including the Bible Biography Series, the Study of the Savior series, Butler’s Daily Bible Reading set, and the Analytical Bible Expositor series. 


Digital list price: $29.99
Save $6.00 (20%)