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Fallen Angels: Soldiers of Satan's Realm

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The problem of evil has challenged mankind ever since the dawn of intelligence. Why is there evil in the world and why do pain and suffering come upon those who do not seem to deserve it? Written in a simple, popular style, Bamberger's book will appeal to you, no matter what your own answer to the question may be, are curious to learn how it has been answered in the past or is being answered by others in your own age.

The author traces the history of the belief in fallen angels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and assembles a variety of tales and superstitions—some grotesque, others quaint and humorous. His presentation also reveals a basic divergence between Judaism and Christianity in their respective attitudes toward the devil. The concluding chapter of the work deals with the return of the devil to prominence in contemporary religious thought and shows how Judaism seeks its own solution to the problem of evil.

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  • Examines fallen angels in different religious contexts
  • Analyzes Christian and Jewish perspectives on the devil
  • Contains extensive bibliography, notes, and index
. . . a compelling and interesting collection of scripture based and Talmudic lore . . . deftly brings readers through some of the most engaging tales. . . . Fallen Angels is very highly recommended reading, especially for students of the Abrahamic religions, including those searching for a more knowledgeable approach to Jewish traditions and teachings particularly, but to the Muslim and Christian faiths as well.

The Midwest Book Review

  • Title: Fallen Angels: Soldiers of Satan's Realm
  • Author: Bernard J. Bamberger
  • Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
  • Publication Date: 1952
  • Pages: 300

Bernard J. Bamberger was a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and received his Doctorate of Divinity from the Hebrew Union College in 1929. He occupied pulpits in Lafayette, Indiana, Albany, New York, and New York City and served as President of the Synagogue Council of America in 1950 and 1951.



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Digital list price: $16.99
Save $3.00 (17%)