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Paul and His Letter to the Galatians by N. T. Wright (4.5 hour course)


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“Being Transformed by the Renewing of the Mind”—that is the goal of this course and one of the Apostle Paul’s own goals for his readers. Paul and His Letter to the Galatians is intended to take you into an in-depth understanding of one of the New Testament’s most foundational writings. We will go section by section with lectures by Prof. N. T. Wright. The course includes reading assignments in Paul for Everyone: Galatians and Thessalonians by N. T. Wright, questions to encourage reflection and interaction about application of the material to life, and quizzes to help test comprehension of both reading material and the video lectures.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion you should be able to:

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the way Paul presents his message in this his (most likely) earliest epistle
  • Discern the implications of Paul’s message for this present age the heart of Paul's message to the Philippian church
  • Understand the heart of Paul’s message to the Galatian church
  • Apply the contents and principles of the letter to one’s own life Present a coherent summary of this letter of hope and encouragement
  • Present a coherent summary of this foundational letter

Who Should Take this Course?

  • This course is for every person who has an interest in studying one of the most important New Testament documents. This course is designed for a general audience. You do not have to have previous theological training to understand the concepts.
  • This course is great for beginning students of the Bible as well as for those who know the Bible well.

Product Details

  • Title: Paul and His Letter to the Galatians
  • Instructor: N. T. Wright
  • Publisher: The Wisconsin Center for Christian Study
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Product Type: Faithlife Course
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including quizzes, and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Video Hours: 4.5
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About the Instructor

Nicholas Thomas “Tom” Wright has been named by Christianity Today as one of our time’s top theologians. He is currently professor of New Testament and early Christianity at St. Andrews University. Wright holds a bachelor’s degree in theology, a master’s in Anglican ministry, and a DPhil, all from University of Oxford.

A fellow and chaplain at Cambridge from 1978 to 1981, he then served as assistant professor of New Testament language and literature at McGill University in Montreal. Before becoming a chaplain, tutor, lecturer, and fellow at Oxford in 1986, Wright served as dean of Lichfield Cathedral, canon theologian of Westminster Abbey, and bishop of Durham.

His academic work has usually been published under the name “N. T. Wright,” but works such as What St. Paul Really Said and Simply Christian, aimed at a more popular readership, were published under the less formal name of “Tom Wright.”


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