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In writing this commentary, the author became impressed at Paul's burden for the Jews. He believed that the main burden of Paul in 1:18–3:20 was to get the Jew to see that he was lost. Paul gave considerably more attention to the case against the Jews in 2:1–3:8 than he did the Gentile in 1:18–32. Paul's burden in chapters 9, 10, and 11 was to get the unbelieving Jew to see that he was lost. He wanted him to see that salvation was not guaranteed to him simply because he was a Jew. He wanted the Jew to see that God was deeply interested in his salvation. As distinguished from the dispensationalist who sees a disjunctive relationship between Israel and the church, the author sees a conjunctive relationship between Israel and the church. In fact, Forlines sees the church as a continuation of Israel. The viewpoint is clearly established by Paul in chapter 11. This view is also supported by the way Paul anchors salvation both for Jews and Gentiles in the Abrahamic Covenant in chapter 4.

It is the author's policy as near as was reasonably possible, where difference of opinion exists, to present the different viewpoints and to list some of the commentators who subscribed each view.

Praise for the Print Edition

Forlines has tackled the arduous task of producing a detailed commentary on one of the most difficult books of the Bible in a style that could be understood by the general Christian public. The Randall House series is intended as a serious exposition that could benefit both the lay reader as well as the academic community, being neither highly technical nor merely devotional. Forlines takes the reader through problem after problem with clarity of thought and writing. He lists and discusses each view with precision and insight. . . . Forlines' work makes a positive contribution to the literature on Paul's epistle to the Romans, especially in understanding the theological stance of the Free Will Baptists within the Arminian camp and in cataloging the various interpretative views of problem passages.

—Richard A. Young, Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN

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  • Title: Romans
  • Author: F. Leroy Forlines
  • Series: Randall House Bible Commentary
  • Publisher: F. Leroy Forlines
  • Publication Date: 1987
  • Pages: 381

About F. Leroy Forlines

F. Leroy Forlines taught the book of Romans for over 40 years at Free Will Baptist Bible College in Nashville. During his 50 years at Free Will Baptist Bible College, he has taught Romans, Systematic Theology, Old Testament Theology, Evangelism, Missions, Biblical Ethics, Law and Grace, Progressive Revelation, Eschatology, Theological Trends and Issues, Minor Prophets, Understanding and Helping People, Biblical Interpretation, and Greek. Simultaneously, he served as a student dean for seventeen years. Forlines is a prolific writer who wrote a monthly column, "Christian Doctrine" in Contact magazine for fifteen years. His published works include Biblical Ethics, Systematics, The Quest for Truth, many articles, papers, and short books.