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Hebrews (Hendriksen & Kistemaker New Testament Commentary | HK)

, 1984
ISBN: 9781493406913

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Written for the benefit of both the pastor and the lay person, Simon J. Kistemaker utilizes his own translation of the Greek text of the Book of Hebrews, overviews of each section, and provides thorough commentary for each individual verse.

Recipient of the Gold Medallion Award.

Resource Experts
  • Includes introductory statements, comments about doctrinal considerations, and a summary as part of every chapter
  • Provides numerous practical helps and applications throughout
  • Contains thorough Scripture index for quick reference and consultation
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Commentary
    • 1. Jesus’ Superiority and His Role as Savior and High Priest, part 1 (1:1–14)
    • 2. Jesus’ Superiority and His Role as Savior and High Priest, part 2 (2:1–18)
    • 3. Jesus’ Superiority to Moses, part 1 (3:1–19)
    • 4. Jesus’ Superiority to Moses, part 2 (4:1–13)
    • 5. Jesus’ High Priesthood (4:14–5:10)
    • 6. Exhortations (5:11–6:20)
    • 7. Jesus: High Priest like Melchizedek (7:1–28)
    • 8. Jesus: High Priest and Sacrifice, part 1 (8:1–13)
    • 9. Jesus: High Priest and Sacrifice, part 2 (9:1–28)
    • 10. Jesus: High Priest and Sacrifice, part 3 (10:1–18) and More Exhortations (10:1–39)
    • 11. The Heroes of Faith (11:1–40)
    • 12. Admonitions and Exhortations, part 1 (12:1–29)
    • 13. Admonitions and Exhortations, part 2 (13:1–25)
  • Select Bibliography

Top Highlights

“One of the first indications of a lack of love toward God and the neighbor is for a Christian to stay away from the worship services. He forsakes the communal obligations of attending these meetings and displays the symptoms of selfishness and self-centeredness.” (Page 290)

“Nowhere in the entire New Testament except in the letter to the Hebrews are the doctrines of Christ’s priesthood and the covenant explained.” (Page 4)

“The writer is pointing out that the fullness of revelation is unique, final, and complete.” (Page 27)

“Jesus serves in the sanctuary that is the true tabernacle.” (Page 216)

“Rest for God does not mean idleness; rather it is a cessation from the work of creation. God continues to enjoy this rest now that the work of his creation is completed.” (Page 108)

Calvin College, A.B. Calvin Theological Seminary, B.D. Free University of Amsterdam, Th.D. Dr. Simon Kistemaker is a distinguished New Testament scholar and Professor of New Testament Emeritus. He continues to teach required and elective courses each semester at RTS Orlando. He holds a doctorate from the Free University of Amsterdam. His major work, the New Testament Commentary, was initiated by Dr. William Hendricksen. Four of the seven volumes, written by Dr. Kistemaker, received the Gold Medallion Evangelical Book of the Year Award. Dr. Kistemaker has written several other books including The Parables of Jesus and The Gospels in Current Study, numerous scholarly articles, and contributions to various reference volumes, including the New Geneva Study Bible. A past president of the Evangelical Theological Society, he also served as its secretary for more than ten years. His international travel is extensive, including speaking and teaching in various countries.


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