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Hosea (Apollos Old Testament Commentary | AOT)

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The prophet Hosea lived through the tumultuous final decades of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The Assyrian invasion culminated in the destruction of Samaria, the end of the Northern Kingdom, and the exile of many of its people. Hosea called the people to faith in God through warnings of judgment and promises of hope. He exposed the people’s infidelity as they turned to other nations, to their own counsels or to other gods for their life and prosperity. Such turning to others for what God alone could give them was, using Hosea’s most famous metaphor, “whoring.” As God’s people, they needed to reckon with “their” God, who had showered them with care and grace. For Hosea, it was their refusal to “return” to their Lord that brought God’s judgment upon them in the form of the Assyrian invasion.

In this Apollos Old Testament Commentary, Joshua Moon sets the prophecies of Hosea in the context of the eighth century BC. The concern of his commentary is the importance of reading Hosea as Christian scripture, in which we are meant to hear God’s own voice as he calls his people to himself. Moon demonstrates the continuing importance of hearing God's words through Hosea, situating the reading of each section within larger biblical and theological concerns.

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  • Presents scholarly content in an accessible manner
  • Aims to reveal the relevance of Hosea to modern readers
  • Provides an introduction, an annotated tranlation of the Hebrew text, and in-depth commentary

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Joshua N. Moon (PhD University of St Andrews) is Fellows Tutor at Anselm House, on the campus of the University of Minnesota, St. Paul. He has served previously as a senior pastor, and is the author of Jeremiah's New Covenant: An Augustinian Reading in Dialogue with the Christian Tradition.


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  1. A Adams

    A Adams


    A great example of why the Apollos Old Testament Commentary series is so excellent. Moon combines insightful textual analysis, theological commentary, and interaction with scholarship. I'm grateful for this addition to the series and to my library.

  2. Larry Craig

    Larry Craig


    I find it annoying when scholarly books transliterate Greek and Hebrew. I think it's fine for a lemma, so a person knows what individual word is used, but other that it is either useless or tedious. It's helps neither the scholar or the lay person. And the person who knows the original often has to stop and figure out the original text. Is that a samech or a sin? A teth or a tau? Don't say that it increase the cost of production. They used to have to set type by hand in the old days, and they never transliterated.


Digital list price: $36.99
Save $8.00 (21%)