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AMG Bible Illustrations

Format: Digital
, 2000


Have you ever wanted to explain some biblical principle but were unable to find a clear way to explain it? Illustrations allow us to explain these principles more clearly and assist the hearer or reader in remembering the precepts emphasized. To help you in illustrating the truths of the Bible, we present you with this collection of over four thousand illustrations, anecdotes, and poems compiled by AMG Publishers and Pulpit Helps magazine. Illustrations are arranged alphabetically by topic for quick, easy reference. These illustrations are taken from the four volumes in AMG’s Bible Illustrations Series: Illustrations of Bible Truths, A Treasury of Bible Illustrations, Heartwarming Bible Illustrations, and Practical Bible Illustrations from Yesterday and Today.

  • Title:AMG Bible Illustrations
  • Author:AMG Publishers
  • Publisher:AMG
  • Publication Date:2000