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A Body of Divinity: Volume 1
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A Body of Divinity: Volume 1


Robert Carter & Brothers 1855

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The first volume covers the first sixty–four questions of the Larger Catechism, including topics such as what it means to enjoy God, the existence of God, His provision, the nature and history of the Bible, God’s nature, and the doctrine of the Trinity. Ridgley also addresses God’s decrees for His people, election of the saints, and the will of God. Ridgley speaks on creation, the nature of man, the fall of humanity, sin, the covenant of grace, Christ as mediator of grace, Christ’s humility, as well as the life of Christ on earth. He also commentates on redemption and salvation in this volume, as well as the role of the Church in the world.


  • The Author's Preface
  • The Editor's Preface
  • Life of Dr. Ridgley
  • The Introduction
  • Of Glorifying God, and the Enjoyment of Him
  • Of the Being of a God
  • Of the Holy Scripture
  • Of the Divine Authority of the Scriptures
  • The Principal Matters Contained in Scripture
  • Of the Nature and Perfections of God
  • Of the Unity of the Godhead
  • Of the Doctrine of the Trinity
  • Of God’s Decrees
  • Of the Doctrine of the Trinity
  • Of Angels
  • Of the Creation of Man
  • Of Providence
  • Of God’s Providence Toward the Angels
  • Of God’s Providence Toward Man in Innocency
  • Of the Fall of Man
  • All Mankind Fell in Adam
  • Of Sin
  • Of Man’s Misery by the Fall
  • Of the Punishment of Sin
  • Of the Punishment of Sin in Both Worlds
  • Of Man’s Recovery
  • The Covenant of Grace Made with Christ, and, in Him, with the Elect
  • Of the Grace Manifested in the Second Covenant
  • Of the Various Dispensations of the Covenant of Grace
  • Of the Mediator of the Covenant of Grace
  • Of the Necessity of the Mediator’s Having Two Natures
  • Of the Mediator’s Name and Offices
  • Of Christ’s Prophetical Office
  • Of Christ’s Priestly Office
  • Of Christ’s Kingly Office
  • Of the Millennium
  • Christ’s Humiliation
  • Of Christ’s Humiliation Before and After His Death
  • Of Christ’s Resurrection and Exaltation
  • Of Christ’s Ascension
  • Of Christ’s Intercession
  • Of Christ’s Coming to Judge the World
  • Of the Benefits of Redemption, and the Application Thereof
  • Of the Disadvantages of Those Who Never Hear the Gospel
  • Of the Church, Visible and Invisible

Product Details

  • Title: A Body of Divinity: Volume 1
  • Author: Thomas Ridgley
  • Series: A Body of Divinity
  • Publisher: Robert Carter & Brothers
  • Publication Date: 1855
  • Pages: 686

About Thomas Ridgley

Thomas Ridgley was an English Puritan, born in 1667. He became a pastor in 1695 and was the successor of Thomas Gauge, another influential Puritan. Famous for his refutation of Arminianism, his Body of Divinity became a standard for moderate Calvinism. He died in 1734.

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