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History of the Puritans; or, Protestant Nonconformists: vol. 3


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First published in 1732, The History of the Puritans has been a historical standard on the life and times of the Puritan fathers. In The History of the Puritans, the influence of the Puritans in England is carefully documented and traced over the course of over a hundred years, beginning with the time of Henry the VIII. Daniel Neal, a minister and historian, tracks the Puritans’ effects on politics and social change, resulting in a dynamic and contextual exploration of this time frame. This set is essential for understanding how the Puritans helped to shape England, as well as comprehending the key events and figures involved.

The History of the Puritans is an in-depth study of the Puritans and the history of England. The Logos edition provides instant access to the influence of the Puritans, making study easy and comparable with other resources.

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  • Preface
  • From the Battle of Edge-Hill, to the calling of the Assembly of Divines at Westminister
  • From the calling of the Assembly of Divines at Westminister, to the Oxford Parliament
  • The Oxford Parliament—Progress of the war—Visitation of the university of Cambridge by the Earl of Machnester—Committee for plundered, sequestered, and scandalous ministers
  • Of the several parties in the Assembly of Divines—Presbyterians—Erastians—Independents—Their proceedings about ordination, and the directory for divine worship
  • Abstract of the trial of Archbishop Laud; and of the treaty of Uxbridge
  • The Progress of the war—Debates in the assembly about ordination—The power of the keys—The divine right of the Presbyterian government—Committee for comprehension and toleration of the Independents
  • The conclusion of the first civil war—by the king's surrendering his royal person to the Scots—Petitious of the assembly and city-divines against toleration, and for the divine right of the Presbyterial goverment, which is erected in London—Debates between the king, Mr. Henderson, and the Scots commissioners—His majesty is removed from Newcastle to Holmby-House—Farther account of the sectaries
  • Proceedings of the assembly upon their confession of faith and catechims—Provincial assemblies of London—The king taken out of the custody of parliament and conveyed to the army—His majesty's conduct—He escapes from Hampton-court, and is confined in the Isle of Wight
  • The Visitation of the university of Oxford—State of religion at the end of the year of archbishop Grindal
  • The second civil war—The Conclusion of the Assembly of Divines—The progress of presbytery—Treaty of the Isle of Wight—Death and character of King Charles I—His works, and the authors of his unhappy sufferings
  • Title: History of the Puritans; or, Protestant Nonconformists: vol. 3
  • Author: Daniel Neal
  • Series: The History of the Puritans
  • Publisher: William Baynes and Son
  • Publication Date: 1822
  • Pages: 485

Daniel Neal, born in 1678, was a British historian and clergyman. With the publication of History of New England in 1720, he was awarded an honorary M.A. from Harvard College. Neal wrote The History of the Puritans between 1732 and 1738. He died in 1743.


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    Digital list price: $12.49
    Save $2.50 (20%)