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Why Do We Baptize Infants?

Format: Digital
, 2006
ISBN: 9781596380585


In this booklet, Bryan Chapell pastorally explains the scriptural foundation for infant baptism. He notes, “to do this I will first present the biblical support for infant baptism as I have presented it in new members’ and church officer training classes over the past 25 years. Then I will conclude by offering words of explanation that I have often used as a pastor during the administration of the ordinance. My goals are to help explain why we should baptize the infants of believing parents and also to help pastors better to know how to administer the sacrament in ways that are meaningful and helpful for their churches. Thus, I plan to present this material in terms that are accessible to laypersons and to leave technical discussions to able scholars in other books.

  • Title: Why Do We Baptize Infants?
  • Author: Chapell, Bryan
  • Publisher: P&R
  • Publication Date: 2006