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Psalms III: Chapters 107–150 (King James Version)


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The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible (POSB) is a practical, biblical commentary that will help you preach and teach the gospel. Much more than a commentary, it is a complete resource for expository and topical preaching. The POSB provides a plethora of resources needed to prepare biblical, life-changing sermons and lessons. Gain a lifetime of inspirational sermon material and simplify and enrich your personal study and preparation. This volume covers Psalms 107–150.

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“The purpose of Scripture is not for us to learn it but to live it.” (Page 117)

“Lastly, David praised the Lord for an exciting reason: God had a plan for his life before he was ever conceived (v. 16b).” (Page 278)

“In addition to being our Helper, the Lord is also our Guardian. As the Israelites journeyed up to Jerusalem, the Lord watched over them, diligently keeping them from all danger. Keep (shamar) means guard, protect, watch over, tend, or exercise diligent care over. This is the first of six times it is used in Psalm 121. It is translated again as keeps (v. 4), as keeper (v. 5), and three times as preserve (vv. 7–8).” (Page 190)

“Indeed, wicked men had tried repeatedly to thwart God’s plan for his own life. David prayed passionately for God to judge the wicked, and he ordered these violent men to stay away from him.” (Page 280)

“Jesus instructed us to love and pray for our enemies. Why? Because God desires for all people to repent and be saved” (Page 280)

Leadership Ministries Worldwide is an international, non-denominational mission organization committed to the Great Commission by serving the servants of God. They create resources and offer training that makes it easy for anyone called to preach or teach to handle God’s Word with confidence.


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    Digital list price: $31.99
    Save $6.00 (18%)