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Minor Prophets
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In the language of the Bible, “prophecy” has quite a broad meaning—but it refers, primarily, to the idea of “speaking in the name of God.” The entire Old Testament could be said to be prophetic, but some books carry the names of four “major” and twelve “minor” prophets—a distinction based on length. Not all of them easy to date, the authors and editors of these books—collectively the “roll of the twelve prophets”—lived sometime between the eighth and second century BC. The Psalms aside, the books of the prophets are the Old Testament sources most often referenced in the New Testament. Their message covers all aspects of Israelite and Christian faith: belief in One God, his chosen people, the Messiah, and the path to salvation.

Product Details

  • Title: Minor Prophets
  • Author: Faculty of Theology of the University of Navarre
  • Publisher: Four Courts,Scepter
  • Publication Date: 2005

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