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Turning Back to God: Hosea and Obadiah Simply Explained

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The weakness of the churches in our generation is largely due to our ignorance of the character of God. Nowhere in the Bible is that character more clearly expounded than in the ministry of the prophets. If the church neglects to listen to God's Word of self-revelation through them, we shall be condemned to a superficial sentimentalism in our view of God, which will inevitably be blown away, like dust, in the storms of life.

Both Hosea and Obadiah came to teach the unchanging character of the covenant God to a deaf and careless people. In the midst of all the uncertainties and unpredictability of the tides of human history, the rock of God's sovereign immutability stands, immovable and totally dominant. That was what God's people needed to know then and it is exactly the same message which Christians today need to hear and heed.

Here is a commentary which is a sure guide to these two remarkable Old Testament books. Preachers will find it a useful resource for the pulpit, and ordinary Christians who desire to live faithfully for God will benefit greatly from its instruction.

Praise for the Print Edition

It is a special treat to welcome this exposition of these two books, and to commend Michael Bentley's careful explanation and application of the Old Testament material for the contemporary church.

—David Jackman, Director of the Cornhill Training Course, London

Product Details

  • Title: Turning Back to God: Hosea and Obadiah Simply Explained
  • Author: Michael Bentley
  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
  • Series: Welwyn Commentary Series
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 255

About the Author

Michael Bentley is the pastor of Great Hollands Free Church in southern England, where he is also actively involved in the local community. Among other responsibilities he is Vice-Chairman of the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education in the area, a director of the local Citizen's Advice Bureau and vice-chairman of a neighborhood mediation service. He is author of several titles in the Welwyn Commentary Series, including Building for God's Glory: Haggai and Zechariah, Shining in the Darkness: Philippians, and Passing on the Truth: 1 & 2 Timothy.