Products>Empowering Your Church through Creativity and Change

Empowering Your Church through Creativity and Change

Format: Digital
, 1995


Besides death and taxes there is one sure thing in life for church leaders: people don’t like you messin’ with the status quo.

Making changes at church is a little like kicking a sleeping grizzly. Or playing with her cubs. You risk getting mauled. While people say they want change and improvement, they often would rather things stay comfortably familiar. How can a pastor stay creative and innovative, yet be sensitive to church members’ needs for stability?

This second volume in the Library of Christian Leadership offers skilled insight and indispensable counsel. Now, in a never-before-collected lineup, are thirty chapters of expert advice.

Product Details

  • Title: Deepening Your Ministry Through Prayer and Personal Growth
  • Editor: Marshall Shelley
  • Publisher: Moorings
  • Publication Date: 1995