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Sins of the Body


The temptation we can’t entirely flee.

Sex—it attracts us and frightens us. Its highly-charged force has potential for great good or great harm. Mishandling sexual situations has caused Christian leaders to lose their ministries. Sex-related problems also confront pastors with confounding counseling situations. How to minister to casualties of the sexual revolution?

This book addresses these twin challenges of ministry: maintaining personal purity while maintaining close human contact, and offering a compassionate, healing touch to those who struggle because sex has been misused.

Editor Terry Muck has pulled together the candid, yet redemptive, stories of people who have faced the subtlest and most powerful sexual situations. Each chapter offers tested insight from those who have learned to walk wisely and minister effectively.

This is the nineteenth volume of THE LEADERSHIP LIBRARY, a continuing series from LEADERSHIP, the practical journal for church leaders published by Christianity Today, Inc. Other volumes in the series include Well-Intentioned Dragons, Preaching to Convince, and The Healthy Hectic Home.

Product Details

  • Title: Sins of the Body
  • Editor: Terry C. Muck
  • Publisher: CTi; Word
  • Publication Date: 1989