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The Magnetic Fellowship

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"If only I could see lives changed!"

So goes a common lament of pastors who are working hard, working prayerfully, but seeing no visible results. Their efforts go unrewarded; their churches attract few new comers. How can the situation be turned around? How can new people be reached?

Other churches struggle with the related problem of keeping people. For every new member coming into the fellowship, someone else seems to slip out the back door, dropping out of service and then disappearing all together. How can these people be kept active and growing?

The Magnetic Fellowship provides practical, tested answers to these vital questions. Fourteen experienced contributors, show such things as how to make a church appealing to visitors, how to evangelize more effectively, how to help new Christians grow and become part of the church, how to become part of the church, how to regain missing members, and how to keep volunteers active in ministry.

This is the fifteenth volume of THE LEADERSHIP LIBRARY, a continuing series from LEADERSHIP, the practical journal for church leaders published by Christianity Today, Inc. Other volumes in the series include Well-Intentioned Dragons, Learning to Lead, and Secrets of Staying Power.

Product Details

  • Title: The Magnetic Fellowship
  • Editor: Larry K. Weeden
  • Publisher: CTi; Word
  • Publication Date: 1988


Digital list price: $10.99
Save $2.00 (18%)