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Man, His Present and Future
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Man, His Present and Future


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: This book treats on man in his present state, between death and the judgment, and beyond the resurrection in the eternal world. Since he is destined to live somewhere after cycles of ages have passed and the universe has crumbled into chaos, it is desirable to know what that future and eternal state will be. In this work the subject is treated purely from a Bible standpoint; for the Holy Scriptures give us the clearest exegesis of both our present and future.


  • Man
  • His Present State
  • Materialism
  • The Nature of Man in His Present State
  • The Human Spirit in Union with an Animal Body
  • Death
  • Death a Separation
  • The State in Which Human Spirits Are Separated from Their Animal Bodies
  • Confirming Words and Dying Testimonies
  • Hades—The Place and State of Departed Spirits
  • Materialists' Arguments Considered
  • Conditional Immortality
  • The Resurrection
  • The General Jugdment
  • The Eternal Home of the Redeemed
  • The Final and Eternal Doom of the Wicked

Product Details

  • Title: Man, His Present and Future
  • Author: Herbert M. Riggle
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Publication Date: 1904
  • Pages: 206

About Herbert M. Riggle

Herbert M. Riggle is the author of The Sabbath and the Lord's Day, Roman-Catholicism in the Light of Their Own Scriptures and Authorities, and Christ's Kingdom and Reign.

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