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Westminster Theological Journal Volume 41



Westminster Theological Journal, Volume 41.

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“The thesis, then, that I propose for your consideration and will try to develop as time permits is that what the New Testament teaches about suffering, especially the relation of the sufferings of Christians to the sufferings and death of Christ, provides indispensable focus and clarification, to the question of biblical eschatology.” (Page 232)

“For this period, for as long as we are in the mortal flesh and the sentence of death is written into our existence, resurrection-eschatology is eschatology of the cross, and the theology of the cross is the key signature of all theology that would be truly ‘practical’ theology.” (Page 236)

“The purpose is identical—to forestall a premature unleashing of Jewish opposition and a consequent miscarriage of the Messianic plan.” (Page 371)

“The form of Christ’s resurrection power in this world is the fellowship of his sufferings as the cross-conformed sufferings of the church (Phil. 3:10). The sign of inaugurated eschatology is the cross. Suffering with Christ is a primary eschatological discriminant.” (Page 236)

“It is a matter of ‘always carrying around in the body the dying of Jesus, that the life of Jesus may be revealed in our body,’” (Page 233)


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