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Clergy Couples in Crisis

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What God hath joined together, let not the pastorate put asunder.

Holding a pastoral marriage together is like canoeing the Colorado River. In the midst of exquisite scenery come stretches of white water that challenge a couple’s tenacity, pitch them one way and then another, soak them to the skin. The water, so placid a mile upstream, now roars its threat to swallow the frightened partners in each end of the fragile craft.

Sadly, white water rapids conquer some husbands and wives, capsizing their marriage and dashing them into the rocks. Others, however get through alive, together—and more experienced at river travel as a result. The next rapids will be easier for them.

This book’s hard-hitting documentaries are like movies of pastoral couples navigating the rapids. They provide clues on where the biggest boulders lurk and which channels are most passable. Each documentary is followed by comments from one of the following noted pastoral counselors: Dr. Gary Collins, Trinity Evangelical Divinity SchoolDr. Louis McBurney, Marble RetreatDr. David Seamands, Asbury Theological Seminary This is the third volume of THE LEADERSHIP LIBRARY, a continuing series from LEADERSHIP, the practical journal for church leaders published by Christianity Today, Inc. Others in the series have included Well-Intentioned Dragons: Ministering to Problem People in the Church and Liberating the Leader’s Prayer Life.

THE LEADERSHIP LIBRARY is more that a collection of theory; it provides ways of coping with the most difficult areas of everyday church life. It offers practical, proven routes to effective ministry.

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  • Title: Clergy Couples in Crisis
  • Author: Dean Merrill
  • Publisher: CTI
  • Publication Date: 1985
  • Pages: 216

Dean Merrill is the author of The God Who Won't Let Go and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Church. He has also collaborated on a number of other books, including Jim Cymbala's Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Digital list price: $10.99
Save $2.00 (18%)