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Daily Biblical Sermons, 2011–2012

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, 2011–2012


Fr. Steven Scherrer—former Catholic missionary of 40 years and monastic priest—has blogged his pastoral sermons for the past seven years, providing pastoral and spiritual insight to Catholic feast days, the daily Scripture readings, and important contemporary issues for the Catholic Church. Dig into his sermons for devotional insights to the daily readings, or apply his insights to your daily teaching and leading. Much of the content of his sermons reflect his missionary background and his current ascetical and monastic life. His interest in the missionary and the monastic callings provide a keen look at those vocations, and his love for Scripture give readers sound biblical meditations.

  • Title: Daily Biblical Sermons, 2011–2012
  • Author: Steven Scherrer
  • Series: Daily Biblical Sermons
  • Publisher: Steven Scherrer
  • Print Publication Date: 2011–2012
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