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Journal of Modern Ministry, Vol. 3 Issue 3 Fall 2006
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Journal of Modern Ministry, Vol. 3 Issue 3 Fall 2006


Timeless Texts 2006

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Journal of Modern Ministry covers a wide spectrum of topics that are applicable to anyone wishing to pursue good Christian living. Highly accessible to all, this journal contains practical information on all aspects of life, as well as a vast array of theological materials.

Founded by senior writer Dr. Jay Adams, the Journal of Modern Ministry was first published in May 2004 with two issues, and continued in 2006 with three issues planned each year. The extraordinary group of ministering author-editors involved in this journal also solicit articles from the finest men known today for their uncompromising biblical emphasis, and receive from lesser known writers articles they believe worthy of publication.

Thumbing through stacks and stacks of journals is now a thing of the past. You will no longer need to search hundreds of pages of print to find an article on the topic you were looking for, because Logos Bible Software will do the work for you instantaneously. Whether you are a pastor, scholar, counselor, or are simply wishing to advance your knowledge of Godly living, Journal of Modern Ministry in Logos is exactly what you need in order to assist you in your ministry.

Key Features

  • Variety of topics covered
  • Ideal for scholars, pastors, and students


  • Perplexing Family Issues, Street
  • Marital Separation: Is It Ever Biblical?, Sayers
  • Why Children Must Be Trained to Choose Friends Wisely, Sayers
  • A Theology of Parenting Children, Marcellino
  • Presupposition Nine: Principles and Practices, Priolo
  • The Insufficiency of General Revelation for Sanctification, Adams
  • Counseling and the Myth Called Adolescence: Rethinking Ministry to Youth, Holland
  • Counseling Teens With Disrespectful Attitudes, Priolo
  • A Review of Caring for People God's Way, Arms
  • Mixing It Up With Your Counselees, Adams
  • The Issue and the Relationship, Adams
  • A Plea for Prayer and Practicality, Mawhinney
  • Beware of Numbers 13! Numbers 13:25 - 14:11, Mawhinney
  • Conclusions - or Transitions?, Adams
  • Advice to Preachers, Gregory
  • Charlie, Erickson
  • Modern Babel: Human Ability and the Fear of God, Cripe
  • The Problem with "Pathological" Gambling, Madueme
  • Is the Reformation Over? Rethinking the Push for Detente with Rome, Johnson
  • A Brief Note About the So-called "Church of Christ", Adams


  • John D. Street
  • S. Lance Quinn
  • Louis P. Priolo
  • William E. Slattery
  • Steven R. Vogel, M.D.
  • Kevin M. Backus
  • Donn R. Arms

Product Details

  • Title: Journal of Modern Ministry, Vol. 3 Issue 3 Fall 2006
  • Editor: Jay E. Adams
  • Publisher: Timeless Texts
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 219

About Jay E. Adams

Jay E. Adams is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where he majored in Greek and received the A.B. degree. He earned a B.D. from the Reformed Episcopal Seminary, the S.T.M from the Temple University School of Theology in Homiletics under Andrew W. Blackwood, and the Ph.D from the University of Missouri. He also did graduate work at the Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary and held a post-doctoral fellowship in Psychology at the University of Illinois under O. Hobart Mowrer. Adams and his wife, Betty Jane, live in Spartanburg County, near Woodruff, South Carolina, and they have four children.