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The Work of Christ (Contours of Christian Theology)

, 1993
ISBN: 9780830815326


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In The Work of Christ Robert Letham shapes his discussion around the threefold office of Christ as prophet, priest and king. Within this framework he explores the issues of Christ and the Word of God, the nature and theories of the atonement, and the cosmic and corporate dimensions of the mediatorial kingship of Christ. At crucial points the viewpoints of significant Christian thinkers, from the church fathers to contemporary theologians and biblical scholars, are introduced and brought into the conversation. Lucidly written and clearly presented, this is a soundly orthodox and engaging presentation of what Christ has done. It is a welcome starting point for students of theology.

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“From all this, it is clear that soteriology and ecclesiology are integrally connected, both being outflows of the accomplishment of Christ.” (Page 217)

“In short, the threefold office of Christ as prophet, priest and king highlights his role in (1) speaking and teaching the word of God which ultimately focused on himself; (2) offering himself as a vicarious sacrifice to God; and (3) reigning over his church and the world as risen Lord.” (Page 22)

“First of all, God’s beloved Son (verse 13), who is both King and Redeemer (verses 13–14), is seen as pre-existent and possessing the nature of the invisible God (verse 15a).” (Page 199)

“Creation and redemption are inextricably connected. From one perspective, creation exists for the sake of redemption; redemption will be nothing less than the restoration, renewal and completion of creation, humanity centrally included. From another angle, redemption depends on creation; the cross itself required the prior existence of the world, the human race, Jerusalem and wood, while the ongoing task of the church demands that the nations of the world continue in existence so that they can be discipled.” (Pages 206–207)

“He knew the desolation of abandonment and betrayal. His sufferings were utterly intense. He knew bereavement and loss. Above all, he experienced death itself, the cruel death of the cross. He was described by Isaiah as ‘a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering’” (Page 120)

  • Title: The Work of Christ
  • Author: Robert Letham
  • Series: Contours of Christian Theology
  • Publisher: IVP
  • Print Publication Date: 1993
  • Logos Release Date: 2017
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Jesus Christ › Person and offices
  • ISBNs: 9780830815326, 0830815325
  • Resource Type: Systematic Theology
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Robert Letham, presbyterian pastor and theologian, teaches Systematic Theology at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology, formerly Evangelical Theological College of Wales. Previously he was Senior Minister of Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church Wilmington Delaware for 17 years. He has taught at London Bible College (now London School of Theology), and most recently was Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia and Visiting Professor of Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Baltimore / Washington DC.

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    Digital list price: $31.99
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