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Living or Dead? A Series of Home Truths


“I meet you this day with one simple question—are you among the living, or among the dead?” J. C. Ryle’s Living or Dead is a powerful work on daily Christian living. Diving into the Scriptures, Ryle shows the reader how to lead a spiritually fulfilling and happy life, and the consequences that follow undisciplined faith. Celebrating God’s all-encompassing love, Ryle provides key passages from the Bible to illustrate how putting faith first leads to a joyful life.

Product Details

  • Title: Living or Dead? A Series of Home Truths
  • Author: J. C. Ryle
  • Publisher: Robert Carter & Brothers
  • Publication Date: 1851
  • Pages: 374

About J. C. Ryle

J. C. Ryle (1816–1900) was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was a Craven Scholar. He was ordained in 1841, and became the first bishop of Liverpool in 1880. Ryle was a prolific writer his entire life, publishing dozens of bestsellers that were translated into many languages.

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