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Wesleyan Bible Commentary, Vol. 4: Matthew–Acts

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The Wesleyan Bible Commentary is the first multi-volume commentary on the whole Bible by a distinguished community of Wesleyan scholars—representing nine evangelical denominations. The commentary takes advantage of the latest and best information available to present-day Bible scholars. This series maintains both the spiritual insight and sound biblical scholarship of John Wesley and Adam Clarke, but expresses these characteristics in the context of contemporary thought and life. The resulting commentary is cast in the framework of contemporary evangelical Wesleyan Bible scholarship.

For many years the authors and publishers have sensed the need for a modern, practical Bible commentary from a broadly evangelical and uniquely Wesleyan perspective—the Wesleyan Bible Commentary meets this need. This commentary series aims for a high level of sound biblical scholarship, with a purpose that is practical rather than technical. The design of the series is evangelical, expositional, practical, homiletical, and devotional. Pastors will find these commentaries particularly useful for sermon preparation. Laypersons and students will find them ideally suited for research projects and personal study.

With the Logos edition of the Wesleyan Bible Commentary, you can perform powerful searches and access a wealth of information on the Bible quickly and easily! Hovering over scripture references displays the text from the Greek New Testament or your English translation, and you can link the Wesleyan Bible Commentary to the other commentaries in your digital library for accurate research and a fuller understanding of the Bible.

Resource Experts
  • Detailed outline
  • Lengthy introduction that discusses historical, authorship, and interpretive issues
  • Charts and diagrams supplement detailed exposition
  • Technical language confined to footnotes for further research
  • Extensive bibliography

Top Highlights

“Jesus did not come to cause division. But His coming demands a decision.” (Page 52)

“These are strong warnings of the judgment that awaits those who reject Jesus Christ.” (Page 94)

“Jesus extended this to cover the lustful look. It is not the act but the desire that constitutes sin. This is the basic difference between the Old Law and the New. The former deals primarily with actions, the latter with attitudes; the former with deeds, the latter with desires; the former with means, the latter with motives; the former with the hand, the latter with the heart.” (Page 34)

“Christ is for all men either a stumbling-stone, over whom they will fall in judgment, or a stepping-stone into the presence of God.” (Page 224)

“But while some were moved to honest, reverent inquiry, under the Spirit’s influence, others sceptically mocked and scoffed at the divine manifestation, giving the sacred a secular and profane interpretation, saying, They are filled with new wine. A lump of moist clay and a block of ice placed together in the sun react differently, with quite opposite results. The one is melted, the other hardened. So by the same divine manifestation, one person may be melted into submission to the divine will, while another may reject that manifestation and become spiritually calloused.” (Page 506)

. . . A commentary whose distinctives justify its existence…based on recent scholarship and couched in contemporary terms. . . The text includes helpful discussions of first-century customs and historical backgrounds, as well as an enlightening use of the Greek text, always explained in terms understandable to one who reads only English.

—Dr. Donald W. Burdick, Conservative Baptist Seminary

. . . A welcome contribution to the growing body of contemporary religious literature stemming from the Wesleyan-Arminian theological position. . . representing sound scholarship, with faithfulness to vital evangelical concepts. . .

—Dr. Hugh C. Benner, Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene

Couched in contemporary terms and based on recent scholarship, the Wesleyan Bible Commentary is a significant contribution to the field of biblical studies.

—Dr. Gordon Zimmerman, Taylor University

This commentary bridges a gap between the times and writings of such men as John and Charles Wesley, Adam Clarke, and Daniel Steel. . . and its practicality and relevance. . . make it extremely valuable for both ministry and laity.

—Dr. Kenneth E. Geiger, United Missionary Church

The Wesleyan Bible Commentary takes full advantage of the latest and best information available to present-day Bible scholars. . .

—Dr. Harold B. Kuhn, Asbury Theological Seminary

  • Title: Wesleyan Bible Commentary, Vol. 4: Matthew–Acts
  • Authors: Ralph Earle, Harvey J. S. Blaney, and Charles W. Carter
  • Editor: Charles W. Carter
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1966
  • Pages: 749

Ralph Earle was professor of New Testament at the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He attended Eastern Nazarene College, Boston University, Gordon Divinity School, and did post-doctoral studies at Harvard and Edinburgh Universities. He is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene.

Harvey J. S. Blaney served as professor of religion and chair of the graduate division of theological studies at Eastern Nazarene College. He holds degrees from Eastern Nazarene College, Yale University, Harvard University, and Boston University. He is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, and has pastored Baptist, Congregational, and Nazarene congregations.

Charles W. Carter was chairman of the department of philosophy and religion at Taylor University, and general editor of the Wesleyan Bible Commentary. He served for many years as pastor in the Wesleyan Methodist Church of America, and had a rich ministry as an educator, editor, author, lecturer, and missionary. He was also chairman of the editorial board of the Wesleyan Theological Journal. Carter authored or co-authored more than ten books, and frequently contributed to various religious periodicals and journals.


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Print list price: $42.95
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