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Puritan Profiles: 54 Contemporaries of the Westminster Assembly

ISBN: 9781857921540


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The history of seventeenth century England was tumultuous. During this period England underwent a civil war, a regicide, an experiment with republican government, a restoration of monarchy and constant upheavals in politics and religion. As the century began, Puritans were poised against Episcopalians, Parliament against the forces of an absolutist monarchy and the question hung in the air—what kind of Christian expression would be the Church of England eventually reflect?

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“The Westminster Assembly comes at the culmination of the era of the Protestant Reformation and represents a consummation of that movement’s effort to understand and apply the Bible’s teaching.” (Page 10)

“The crisis passed as the political-military situation shifted, but Parliament never did approve parts of the Confession of Faith relating to the civil magistrate.” (Page 13)

“He was buried in Westminster Abbey, and his funeral was attended by the whole Assembly” (Page 21)

“The ‘crisis of the Assembly’ occurred in March and April 1646, when the Assembly protested against the system of commissioners for dealing with appeals from church discipline that Parliament was preparing to institute, and Parliament charged the Assembly with ‘breach of privilege’.” (Page 13)

“A second task was to determine the distinctive contribution of each figure.” (Page 14)

For those who admire the confessional statements of the Westminster Assembly but know little of their origins, this is a wonderful introductory volume. The diversity of the Assembly participants with their immense commonalities is amazing. Also of interest is the enormous energy involved in the debates, the participants' struggles to understand the Bible, and their freedom to vent disagreement at high decibels while maintaining a spirit of unity. The book is well organized and presented in an effective format.

—John D. Hannah, Biblioteca Sacra

C. S. Lewis once accused our age of 'chronological snobbery' for failing to learn from or value the past, but no one will be able to remain snobbish after reading Dr. Barker's splendid vignettes on these great Puritan divines. His studies are insightful, wise and encouraging! Read them, and come away a stronger person.

—James Boice, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

These well researched biographies add immeasurably to our historical appreciation of the Westminster Assembly. Having field tested the book with Seminary students I can attest to its usefulness...

—David Clyde Jones, Professor of Theology and Ethics, Covenant Seminary, St. Louis

  • Title: Puritan Profiles: 54 Contemporaries of the Westminster Assembly
  • Author: William Barker
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
  • Publication Date: 1996
  • Pages: 320

William Barker is Vice-President for academic affairs and professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, of which he is a former moderator.


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    Digital list price: $19.99
    Save $4.00 (20%)