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Mobile Ed: OT221 Introductory Issues in Psalms (3 hour course - audio)

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Introductory Issues in Psalms (OT221) presents an overview of important interpretive elements of the book of Psalms, challenging traditional views in the process. It considers the book of Psalms as a whole, surveys and illustrates the various categories of particular psalms, and suggests christological implications of the book. The course provides a robust understanding of how the psalms are organized and how they lead to successful living.

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Course Outline

Unit 1: Psalms as Instruction

  • An Introduction to Torah
  • The Five Books of the Psalms
  • Meditation in the Bible
  • For the Happy Life
  • The Promise of Blessedness
  • The Promise of Success
  • Psalm 1 and Christ

Unit 2: Psalms as Poetry

  • Introduction to Hebrew Poetry
  • Interpreting Imagery
  • Imagery Used in the Psalms
  • The Importance of Genre
  • What Is Genre?
  • Why Is Genre Important?
  • The Primary Genres of Psalms
  • Genres of Psalms and Christ
  • Using the Psalms Explorer

Unit 3: Psalms as History

  • Historical Context of the Psalms
  • General Comments about Superscriptions
  • Are Superscriptions Original?
  • Timelessness of a Psalm
  • Historical Settings of Psalms

Unit 4: Psalms as Theology

  • Introduction
  • Our God Is King
  • Comparing Hebrew Words in Translation
  • Our God Reigns through the Anointed One
  • Our Destiny Is Glory
  • Our King Is Coming

Unit 5: Psalms as Wisdom

  • Wisdom Literature
  • Graphing How Often a Word Occurs in Each Biblical Book
  • Wisdom’s Diction and Themes
  • Psalms as Wisdom
  • The Wisdom Psalter

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About Mark D. Futato

Dr. Mark D. Futato is the Robert L. Maclellan Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary. Dr. Futato received his PhD from The Catholic University of America. He served on the translation team for the Book of Psalms in The New Living Translation, contributed study notes for the ESV Study Bible and The Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible, and contributed to the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis.