Products>Mobile Ed: AP221 Apologetics in an Urban Context (6 hour course - audio)

Mobile Ed: AP221 Apologetics in an Urban Context (6 hour course - audio)


In this course, Dr. Carl Ellis discusses the need for an apologetic that speaks to the unaddressed core concerns of urban communities, incorporating not only philosophy but also sociology, anthropology, and history in its approach. The course focuses on the African-American experience as a case study to explain the specific challenges apologists face regarding urban culture.

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Course Outline


  • Introducing the Speaker and the Course

Unit 1: Theology and Knowledge

  • Theology: Modes and Models
  • Using Logos Notes to Track Themes
  • Theology: Apologetics and Ethics
  • Exploring the Psalms with the Psalms Explorer Tool
  • Theology: Context and Approaches
  • Theology: Precedential
  • Using the Factbook and Searching Cultural Concepts
  • Knowledge: Its Nature and Importance
  • Knowledge: Faith, Reason, and Obedience
  • Knowledge: Revelation

Unit 2: Issues in Apologetics

  • Apologetics: Justifying Knowledge
  • Apologetics: Models
  • Discovering Ancient Inscriptions from the Biblical World
  • Apologetics: Addressing the Eclipse of the Christian Voice
  • Apologetics: Defining a Christian Approach (Part 1)
  • Apologetics: Defining a Christian Approach (Part 2)
  • Apologetics: A Critical Need Today
  • Apologetics: Core Concerns
  • Apologetics: Righteousness and Justice
  • Identifying and Searching for the Greek Term for “Righteousness”

Unit 3: Worldviews

  • Examples of Worldviews at Work
  • Worldview: Not Just Abstract or Theoretical
  • Using the Timeline to Explore Worldviews throughout History
  • Rational Worldviews: Theism
  • Rational Worldviews: Deism
  • Rational Worldviews: Naturalism and Nihilism
  • Irrational Worldviews: Existentialism
  • Looking Up Unfamiliar Terms in Logos
  • Irrational Worldviews: Postmodernism
  • Worldviews: A General Shift
  • Worldviews: A Culture Clash or a Christian Encounter?
  • Creating and Sharing Inspirational Quotes with Visual Copy

Unit 4: Shifting Socioeconomic Paradigms

  • Adam Smith versus William Godwin
  • Human Nature: Constrained versus Unconstrained
  • A Seismic Shift in Public Policy
  • Shifting Paradigms in Social Outlook
  • Contemporary Scene: Sociopolitical Ideologies
  • Contemporary Scene: The Political Matrix
  • Contemporary Christian Perspectives: African-American versus Anglo-American
  • Contemporary Scene: Feeding Addiction versus Holistic Correction
  • Contemporary Scene: Left versus Right
  • Contemporary Scene: Degenerate Movements
  • Looking to the Future

Unit 5: African-American Theological Vacuum and Ghetto Nihilism

  • African-American Theological Vacuum: Antebellum Developments
  • African-American Theological Vacuum: Effects of Emancipation
  • Theological Vacuum: Late 19th-Century Traumas
  • Theological Vacuum: 20th-Century Developments
  • Ghetto Nihilism: Introduction
  • Ghetto Nihilism: Black Migration to the North
  • Ghetto Nihilism: Stages of Development
  • Ghetto Nihilism: Characteristics
  • Ghetto Nihilism: Present Situation
  • Before Black Consciousness: “Black Is Ugly”
  • Phases of Blackness: “Black Is Beautiful”
  • Phases of Blackness: “Black Is Absolute”
  • Phases of Blackness: “Black Is Ghetto”
  • Ghetto Culture: Redneck Origins
  • Ghetto Culture: Redneck Characteristics
  • Ghetto Culture: Redneck Blacks
  • Challenges of Ministry in the ’Hood

Unit 6: Old and New Paradigms

  • Old Paradigms: Dignity
  • Old Paradigms: Identity
  • Old Paradigms: Significance
  • Old Paradigms: Socioeconomic Outlook
  • New Paradigms: What the System Delivers
  • New Paradigms: Addressing African-American Core Concerns


  • Holistic Great Commission

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  • Title: AP221 Apologetics in an Urban Context (audio)
  • Instructor: Carl F. Ellis Jr.
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: audio
  • Length: 6 hours
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Carl F. Ellis Jr.

Dr. Carl Ellis is the assistant professor of practical theology at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas, and the associate pastor for cultural apologetics at New City Fellowship.

In 1969, Dr. Carl Ellis began his ministry as a senior campus minister with the Tom Skinner Associates in New York. From 1979 to 1989, Dr. Ellis served as the assistant pastor of Forest Park Community Church in Baltimore, Maryland, served on the faculty at Chesapeake Theological Seminary, and as seminary instructor for Prison Fellowship, where he developed and taught “in-prison” and “in-community” seminars for inmates and community volunteers.

Between 1986 and 2009, Dr. Ellis served as an adjunct faculty member at the Center for Urban Theological Studies (CUTS), and as dean of intercultural studies at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Ellis studied under Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri in Hermoz sur Ollon, Switzerland, completed his Masters in Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, and holds a DPhil from Oxford Graduate School.