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Handbook of Evangelical Theologians

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, 1998


The thirty-three featured theologians reflect the breadth and diversity of the church. They range in date from Augustus H. Strong, born in the 1830s, to Alister McGrath, born in the 1950s. The number includes theologians who have had a significant impact, including Gordon Clark, Francis Schaeffer, Louis Berkhof, Millard Erickson, Carl Henry, J. I. Packer, John R.W. Stott, and others. In addition to biographies of each individual, each chapter reflects what the subjects regarded to be their theological task. Their central ideas are fit into the jigsaw of modern evangelical development.

The Handbook of Evangelical Theologians provides biographical information, major philosophical or theological beliefs and insight on each thinker's legacy as it pertains to evangelical Christianity. This resource cites each person's works in the context of why they were written and how they came to affect modern Christianity as a whole, rather than just a single denomination.

How Were These Theologians Chosen?

  • Twentieth-century figures (i.e., for a theologian to be included, at least part of his career must have taken place during the 20th Century
  • Representatives from both halves of the century (pre- and post-1950)
  • Identification with the evangelical movement
  • Significant influence on or in the evangelical movement
  • Representatives of various denominational points of view: Arminian/Wesleyan, Calvinist/Reformed, charismatic, dispensationalist, Lutheran, Baptist and Anglican
  • Major interest in theology rather than biblical studies

Also, each theologian's section was penned by a different author. The authors were chosen based on their expertise as it pertains to the theologian or his denomination. For example, Glen Scorgie had written a biography of James Orr, and the general editor, Walter A. Elwell's position at Wheaton College made Henry C. Thiessen’s literary output readily accessible.

Key Features

  • Valuable biographical and theological information on 33 evangelical thinkers
  • Covers the influence of each theologian
  • Over 400 pages of information


  • Francis Schaeffer
  • Louis Berkhof
  • Millard Erickson
  • J. I. Packer
  • John R.W. Stott
  • And many more!

Product Details

  • Title: Handbook of Evangelical Theologians
  • Editor: Walter A. Elwell
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 465

About Walter A. Elwell

Walter A. Elwell (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh) is emeritus professor of biblical and theological studies at Wheaton College. He has edited numerous biblical reference works, including the Baker Theological Dictionary of the Bible and the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology.