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Frank W. Boreham Collection Upgrade (4 vols.)
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Frank W. Boreham Collection Upgrade (4 vols.)


John Broadbanks 2015–2016

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Frank William Boreham is known among a select number of Western Christians as an example of the finest preaching and writing that Australia ever produced. He studied under Charles Spurgeon and went on to pastor multiple congregations in Australia and New Zealand. These writings are drawn from his pastoral ministry and his prodigious writing output during this time. Lauded by Ravi Zacharias as a major influence, modern readers would do well to gain an appreciation for his writing and to add these volumes to their library.

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For more from F.W. Boreham, see here.

Key Features

  • Powerful lessons drawn from biographical sketches
  • Narrative teaching that utilizes story to great effect
  • Theological reflection on the Incarnation

Product Details

  • Title: Frank W. Boreham Collection Upgrade
  • Author: Frank W. Boreham
  • Publisher: John Broadbanks
  • Volumes: 4
  • Pages: 437
  • Resource Type: Topical
  • Topic: Christianity

Individual Titles

The Coming of Snowy

  • Author: Frank W. Boreham
  • Publisher: Jonathan Broadbanks
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Pages: 62

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

This volume is an enjoyable tale from a master storyteller. Like so many of Boreham’s writings, The Coming of Snowy highlights his attention to detail as he weaves an eloquent story referencing people, places, animals, and weather. There are also simple lessons to enrich lives in meaningful ways. In part two of this volume, Michael Dalton briefly explores what some of these powerful lessons might be to deepen readers’ appreciation of Boreham’s writing.

My Christmas Book

  • Author: Frank W. Boreham
  • Publisher: Jonathan Broadbanks
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Pages: 99

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Some books on Christmas prove to be resources returned to all year long for their timeless truths. Boreham writes, “If I had my ministry over again, I would talk more about God. . . . His very self . . .” Boreham is a master at seeing glory in the commonplace, and in this book, he focuses his thoughtful attention on the incarnation. F.W. Boreham excelled as a writer independent of his pastoral calling. This book is an example of his craft, as he broadly and deeply discusses the theme of Christmas with his unique perspective and surprising sense of humor.

Nuggets of Romance

  • Author: Frank W. Boreham
  • Publisher: Jonathan Broadbanks
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Pages: 152

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

“If the life of the ordinary person is a nugget of romance, what a literary goldmine the life of the extraordinary person should prove.”—F.W. Boreham, The Mercury, 9 December 1933.

Nuggets of Romance is a collection of biographies of notable personalities. Much wisdom and applicable lessons are taught through the lives he catalogs. F.W. Boreham only wrote one independent biography, but afterwards developed a talent for incorporating biographical sketches in nearly all of his subsequent essays. This collection provides readers with a number of his reflections.

Slices of Infinity

  • Author: Frank W. Boreham
  • Publisher: Jonathan Broadbanks
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Pages: 124

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

F.W. Boreham provides character studies in this book, similar to his other collection, Nuggets of Romance. Boreham writes on the complete life of a person, noting their foibles and failures, but also pointing to successes and victories. Lessons can be drawn for the spiritual life from what is generally considered to be pedestrian or every-day occurrences. Our omniscient and compassionate God is always present and sees our every moment. This book is filled with interesting and profitable observations that draw readers closer to God.

About Frank W. Boreham

Frank W. Boreham (1871–1959) was a preacher and bestselling author. He began attending C.H. Spurgeon’s Pastor’s College in 1892, where he served as a student-minister. Boreham pastored churches in several different countries, including Australia and New Zealand. He was the president of the Baptist Union of New Zealand and later president of the Tasmanian Baptist Union.