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The Lives of the Puritans, Vol. 1
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The Lives of the Puritans, Vol. 1


James Black 1813

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The Puritans dedicated their lives to consistent study of the Bible, treasured devotional feelings and close communion with God. As a people, they wanted to eliminate impurities in the church in the area of secularity and corruption and promoted religion and the impact and it’s power it has on people. Benjamin Brook wrote The Lives of the Puritans with the mindset that it be a historical narrative of facts.

In his book, Benjamin Brook gives a history of the Puritans as well as discussions about their reservations regarding rites, ceremonies, Lent, and their views regarding baptism. The majority of his book gives a history of those who played a major role in Puritan history.

The Lives of the Puritans makes accessing information on the Puritans easier than ever before! In your digital library, you can read their history together with other prominent Puritan theologians that you own, and Scripture passages, theological terms, and a wealth of other information is only a click away!

Biographies Included:

  • John Bale
  • John Pullain
  • John Hardyman
  • Miles Coverdale
  • William Turner
  • Robert Hawkins
  • Andrew Kingsmill
  • Christopher Coleman
  • William Axton
  • Thomas Becon
  • Gilbert Alcock
  • David Whitehead
  • Mr. Millain
  • William Bonham
  • Robert Johnson
  • Richard Taverner
  • R. Harvey
  • Edward Deering
  • Thomas Aldrich
  • Thomas Lever
  • Francis Merbury
  • William Whittingham
  • Mr. Lawrance
  • John Handson
  • Robert Wright
  • Bernard Gilpin
  • John Copping
  • Thomas Underdown
  • Mr. Sanderson
  • John Hill
  • Nicholas Brown
  • Richard Crick
  • Anthony Gilby
  • John Edwin
  • Edward Brayne
  • Barnaby Benison
  • William Negus
  • John Stroud
  • John Browning
  • Stephen Turner
  • John Ward
  • Edmund Rockrey
  • H. Gray
  • Robert Moore
  • Edward Gellibrand
  • Edward Glover
  • John Walward
  • John Gardiner
  • Nicholas Standen
  • John Field
  • John Huckle
  • John Fox
  • John Wilson
  • John Elliston
  • Robert Crowley
  • Nicholas Crane
  • Lawrence Humphrey
  • Thomas Sampson
  • William Fulke
  • John Garband
  • Dudley Fenner
  • Cuthbert Bainbrigg
  • Edmund Littleton
  • Edward Lord
  • Andrew King
  • Malancthon Jewell
  • Edward Snape
  • John Holmes
  • Richard Greenham
  • Giles Wigginton
  • Thomas Barber
  • Robert Cawdrey
  • Lever Wood
  • Humphrey Fenn
  • Daniel Wright
  • William Proudlove
  • John More

Product Details

  • Title: The Lives of the Puritans, Vol. 1
  • Author: Benjamin Brook
  • Series: The Lives of the Puritans
  • Publisher: Printed for James Black
  • Publication Date: 1813
  • Pages: 493

About Benjamin Brook

Benjamin Brook (1776–1848) was born in Nether Thong, England and was a nonconformist divine and historian. He began attending Rotherham College in 1797 as a ministry student and became first pastor of the congregational church at Tutbury, Staffordshire in 1801. He continued his ministry there until 1830, when he turned his focus to writing. He was also a member of the Springhill College educational board.

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