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Studies in Early Church History

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In these studies the aim is to set forth the great leading facts in regard to the belief and life of the early Church. This is done in ten divisions or studies:

  • The Church in Jerusalem.
  • The Church in Antioch.
  • The Church in the Provinces.
  • The Church in Rome.
  • The Church in the Catacombs.
  • The Church in Worship.
  • The Church in the Books.
  • The Church in Controversy.
  • The Church in Persecution.
  • The Church in Victory.

This book is for the use of adult Bible and teacher training classes, Bible study circles, educational institutions and private study.

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“The Christian church was planned not as a human, but a divine creation; without the Spirit it has no power; with the Spirit it is the mightiest institution on earth.” (source)

“3. The total company of the redeemed, the bride of Christ” (source)

“ The entire community of Christians throughout the world or some portions of it” (source)

“The apostles’ doctrine was the supremacy and all-sufficiency of Christ.” (source)

“‘From a census taken in the time of Nero more than 2,700,000 people were gathered at the Passover and still greater numbers came to Pentecost.’ It was on this day that the Jew was to remember that he had been a bondman in the land of Egypt and had been led forth to freedom. It was also the traditional memorial day of the giving of the law on Sinai. It was therefore specially suitable for a new manifestation of the spirit and the giving of a new spiritual law in Christ and the leading of the people out into a new religious freedom. It was a great feast of the gathering of the first fruits of Christ on earth.” (source)

Product Details

  • Title: Studies in Early Church History
  • Author: Henry Thorne Sell
  • Publisher: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing
  • Publication Date: 1998


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    Digital list price: $9.99
    Save $2.50 (25%)