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Horoscopes and the Christian


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Does astrology accurately predict the future? Is it comparable with Christianity?

Astrology is big business. There are over 175,000 part-time astrologers and 10,000 full-time astrologers in the U.S. Over 2,000 newspapers carry daily horoscopes! Estimates of American believers in astrology run from 32 million up to one half of the population.

What should our attitude be toward astrology? What should we say when someone asks for our astrological sign? Should we read the newspaper horoscopes in the assumption that it is simply innocent fun? Should we wear astrological jewelry? What is astrology all about? Is astrology true?

This book will answer the above questions in order that we can intelligently respond to the astrologers of the twentieth century.

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  • Title: Horoscopes and the Christian
  • Author: Robert A. Morey
  • Publisher: Faith Defenders
  • Publication Date: 1981
  • Pages: 64
Robert A. Morey

Robert A. Morey was an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of comparative religions, the cults, and the occult as well as on Islam. He is the author of over 40 books, some of which have been translated into Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish and Farsi. Morey also ran Faith Defenders and was the founder of California Biblical University and Seminary.


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    Digital list price: $2.99
    Save $1.00 (33%)