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  1. Connect to the Word with
    the best in Bible software

    Logos 5’s smart tools and features help you dig into Scripture and connect your life to God’s Word. You can explore a vast theological library, dig into original languages, craft powerful messages, and conduct scholarly research. Your resources are all connected, so you get the most out of your study.


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    “I have found Logos to be the most intuitive and complete Bible software out there.”

    Dr. Timothy Keller

    Author & pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

    “Logos offers an excellent digital library aimed specifically at people interested in Reformed theology.”

    J. V. Fesko

    Professor of systematic and historical theology, Westminster Seminary California

    “I am happy to commend to any student of Scripture and of Reformed theology these new base packages. There is nothing else that even approximates these fantastic resources.”

    K. Scott Oliphint

    Professor of apologetics and systematic theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

    “I for one am truly excited about the Reformed base package, and cannot wait to take an entire library of Reformed theology with me everywhere I go.”

    Kim Riddlebarger

    Pastor, Christ Reformed Church, Anaheim CA


    Some Features  

    187 Resources

    • Print: $3,500.00
    • Retail: $294.95
    • Sale: $250.71

    Payments of approx.   $26/mo


    Most Features  

    381 Resources

    • Print: $5,000.00
    • Retail: $629.95
    • Sale: $535.46

    Payments of approx.   $50/mo


    Most Features  

    582 Resources

    • Print: $13,000.00
    • Retail: $999.95
    • Sale: $849.96

    Payments of approx.   $76/mo


    All Features  

    811 Resources

    • Print: $21,000.00
    • Retail: $1,549.95
    • Sale: $1,317.46

    Payments of approx.   $78/mo


    All Features  

    1,179 Resources

    • Print: $28,700.00
    • Retail: $2,149.95
    • Sale: $1,827.46

    Payments of approx.   $108/mo

    “Logos software is phenomenal mainly, in my mind, for its incredible library and what you can do with it...”

    John Piper

    Author, speaker & elder at Bethlehem Baptist Church

    “It makes the study that I do so much easier, and so much more in-depth... I can look and see if something is indicative or an imperative.”

    Elyse Fitzpatrick

    Author and speaker

    “Logos is unprecedented and a great gift to those who will study the Bible in this generation.”

    Dr. Al Mohler

    President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    “You will find these tools invaluable—and wonderfully convenient to use.”

    John MacArthur

    pastor, Grace Community Church; president, Grace to you

    Why Logos?

    Learn history

    See the big picture—explore over 8,000 biblical events in one place, discover new connections, and understand how they relate to one another.

    Get better search results

    Find exactly what you’re looking for with searches that include pronouns and phrases linked to the people, places, and things they refer to.

    Write sermons

    Save time with easy sermon preparation. Enter a passage or topic, and get ideas, outlines, and illustrations instantly.

    Examine topical issues

    Get a comprehensive understanding of any topic when you explore key passages, articles, themes, and more.

    Investigate biblical facts

    Find connections and learn more about the relationships between biblical people, places, things, and events.

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    • Free customer service
    • Interest-free payment plans
    • 30-Day money-back guarantee

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