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It's extremely difficult to get Facebook fans to Like, in mass, hundreds of product pages on a brand's website. But for 19 straight days, we turned the Like Button into the most-clicked button on our website with the Logos Like-a-thon. The results were incredible! In fact, Likes across were up 5,800%!

Even though our primary goal was product Likes at, our first-of-its-kind Like campaign had equally impressive ripple effects across our Facebook community.

Check out these numbers:

  • Facebook fans increased 31% (7,000+)
  • Fan engagement increased 12,000%
  • Facebook sales up 300% before products even marked down
  • Facebook sales up 3,100% over the course of the Like-a-thon

Here's how we did it.

The Logos Like-a-thon

As search engines continue tapping into the social graph, Facebook Likes on a company's website can do wonders for brand visibility and traffic. Add impressions within Facebook, and Like Buttons suddenly become very important for any brand. But now that Likes take up so much space in the Newsfeed and on people's profile pages, many Facebook users are hesitant to click the Like Button as they surf the Internet.

Really, who wants their wall to look like this:

Facebook's newly poluted News Feed.
Facebook's newly polluted News Feed.


In other words, the changes to the Like Button have caused a negative tension: more value to companies but less interest from users.

Guess what. There's a way to fix that equation so everyone benefits from the Like Button! Monetize it.

Monetize the Like Button

What if people saw the Like Button as the key to great deals? And what if it was a tangible vote to for a discount on the product they "liked"? And what if that button was the best way for them to get their friends in on the action?

Give users a button like that, and they will hit it. A lot. 

Don't believe it? The numbers don't lie. We just wrapped up a 19-day Facebook Like-a-thon, where we packed the Like Buttons at with as much value as possible. We created a genuinely social sale (it is social media, isn't it?), letting our fans tell us with each Like what they wanted on sale and for how much of a discount. And we made it easy for them to spread the word to as many friends as they wanted.

The Like-a-thon went viral! We're talking nearly 800,000-impressions-and-12,000%-increase-in-engagement viral!


We created a fan tab on our business page to announce the Like-a-thon details:

Details: posted on a custom tab.


We posted a status update pointing to the tab with the details. Then, over the next few days, we announced the Like-a-thon details in our other channels (i.e., email, company blog, and Twitter). We didn't share any of the specific details though—they were always hidden behind a reveal tab.


In a typical 19-day timeframe, visitors hit the Like Button 251 times. The average impressions-to-click conversion rate is 0.12%.

During the Like-a-thon, site visitors hit "like" 14,556 times, with a 6.7% impressions-to-click conversion rate. That's a 5,800% increase in Like Button clicks!

Site Engagement
Site engagement
Like Button Clickthrough Rate
Like Button clickthrough rate

In an average 19-day timeframe, our "like" and "share" story impressions total 164,896. During the Like-a-thon impressions hit nearly 800,000! Visibility like that is pretty difficult to come by!

Visibility was off the charts!


The Like-a-thon was so popular and successful for the following reasons:

  1. This approach dramatically contrasts the efforts many brands use to spark engagement. A typical effort: If we get XXXX number of people who don't know or care about us to become fans, you might get something!
  2. The Like-a-thon hit the cost/benefit sweet spot for fans. It wasn't some shameless company-first marketing ploy. The feedback we got said fans understood the "likes" would fill up their profiles, but they were guaranteed huge benefits they already liked.
  3. The Like-a-thon tapped the interest of followers who are already engaged, promising them something they already want and know we'll deliver. Ironically, working within the context of a relationship like this ended up gaining more of a following than most companies get when they try to "buy" fans. This is likely because people on the fringe saw that we're a genuinely social brand that delivers!

    Our fan base grew 31% in just 19 days!
Fan Growth
Proven again: engaging current followers is the key to good fan growth.
(Outstanding Facebook analytics courtesy of PageLever)

One more interesting side note: the engagement level for the Like-a-thon didn't amount to the clichéd 20/80 breakdown (20% of fans doing 80% of the interaction). Since January 1st, we've averaged about 58% engagement from our fan base (and who wouldn't love that level of engagement?). But by the end of the Like-a-thon, our fan engagement was up to 75%! That's 3 out of 4 people participating in the Like-a-thon!