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Define Serial and Parallel Resource Associations

NOTE:  If the "Define Resource Associations..." option is not available on the Tools | Library Management menu, click on Tools | Libronix Update to install the Power Tools Addin (found under Optional section in Libronix Update window).

Resource Associations are groups of related resources in a particular order. They are used to implement certain features in Libronix DLS. Let's begin by examining the differences between a "Serial" and "Parallel" resource association, with examples of how each can be used in Libronix.



Used by the "current reference" box of a resource window.

Used by the Parallel Resources feature, found on the resource toolbar.

Example: Associate your favorite Hebrew OT resource with your favorite Greek NT resource.

Example: Create a parallel association with the KJV and the NKJV. The Parallel resources feature for either of those two resources will now show only those two resources, in that order.

Result: Enter an OT passage in the reference box of your Greek NT and it will open to that passage in the associated Hebrew OT resource.

Result: Open the KJV, then click on the Parallel Resources button on the resource toolbar and choose the NKJV to open that resource to the same location. OR, open the KJV and navigate to a passage. Press either the right- or left-arrow button on your keyboard to move to the same passage in the NKJV. Press either button again to return to the KJV.

Frequently Asked Question:

My BHS and NA27 are open and linked. If I enter a NT passage in the reference box of the BHS, the NA27 comes up. If I enter an OT passage in the reference box of the NA27, the LXX (Septuaginta) comes up instead of the BHS. Is there a way to associate the BHS with OT text so the LXX doesn't come up in its place?


Yes, you can do this by following the steps below to create a "Serial" Resource Association:

  1. In Libronix, click on Tools | Library Management | Define Resource Associations.... (That option not available? See Note at the top of this article.)
  2. Select Serial at the top of the dialog and click the New button.
  3. In the New Resource Association dialog, type a name for your new resource association in the Name: field (on right side).
  4. On the left side of that dialog, select Title and Unlocked Resources Only, then locate the BHS from the list of resources (using the Find field may make it easier).
  5. Select the BHS and click the Add button. Repeat with the NA27.
  6. Click OK.